Air Force ROTC

Leaders of character in service to our nation.

The Air Force Reserve Officers' Training Corps (AFROTC) is an officer accessions program designed to educate and develop leaders and commission officers of character for service in the US Air Force and the US Space Force. The 'Steel Eagles' of AFROTC Detachment (Det) 730 are based at the University of Pittsburgh and include cadets from Pitt and 15 crosstown universities in the Pittsburgh area. 

AFROTC Cadets in Det 730 have unique opportunities to grow as leaders and form lasting friendships while also paying for college. Scholarships are available and can be earned several different ways. 

  • Four-year scholarships are awarded to deserving high school seniors.
  • Scholarships are awarded to deserving cadets during their first two years in AFROTC.
  • Prior enlisted cadets can also earn scholarships.
  • Two-year scholarships are awarded to ALL cadets who successfully complete Field Training between their Sophomore and Junior years.

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AFROTC includes weekly leadership laboratories, aerospace studies classes, and physical training. Freshman and Sophomore cadets can expect approximately five hours of AFROTC activities per week while the upper two classes participate in between 8 and 10 hours of Det-related activities and work per week. The AFROTC program typically lasts four years but a three-year commissioning program is available to those who choose to join at the beginning of their sophomore year. 

On top of military training, Det 730 cadets are encouraged to participate in community service, color guard, recruiting, morale events, extracurricular physical training, and several other cadet-led extracurriculars for the purpose of staying well-rounded as a cadet and individual. AFROTC will develop you as a leader of character, keep you physically fit, and will help you pay for college. Come join us and see what you become in AFROTC!  

If you are interested in learning more, feel free to reach out to cadre at +1 (412) 624-6031 or via email at