The RMU Brand

Robert Morris University prides itself in having gained a recognizable brand, both in our region and online. We strive to keep our image consistent across all of our marketing platforms and to do that, we need your help. We tell the RMU Story in many ways, using many fonts and colors. Please continue to be aware of what you are posting online, especially when posting on behalf of the university. It’s vital that all communications coming from any RMU website, email, or social media page consistently don the official RMU logo and colors.

The following are four prominent areas where we tell the RMU story in slightly different ways:

RMU Online is one of the reasons our brand has gained a global reputation. Now that we have students from nearly every time zone taking classes all year round, our brand is being shown to a mass audience every day. Therefore, it’s vital that we keep our online image consistent with our campus look and feel.

RMU Athletics works closely with the PR/Marketing Department to ensure that all logos are consistent with one another. Although slightly different than the official university logo, RMU Athletics has versions of the RMU logo that fit the Colonial look and feel. Under Armour is the Official Outfitter of RMU Athletics. For information on athletic logos, contact Marty Galosi at

The College Affordability Academy ® is the standard RMU logo with “College Affordability Academy ®” underneath it. It contains copyrighted material and is the property of Robert Morris University of Pittsburgh, Pa. It was conceived and written by RMU admissions, RMU Online Staff, financial aid and student financial services staff upon completion of their College Affordability Academy ® training. No changes, modifications, adaptations, unauthorized customization or reproduction of this video may be made without express written permission of Robert Morris University and the inclusion of the RMU logo, copyright and provisions herein.