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Robert Morris University Welcomes Its Largest Freshman Class In Recent History, Announces Major Campus Enhancements

This week Robert Morris University (RMU) is welcoming its largest freshman class in recent history.

Robert Morris University Welcomes Its Largest Freshman Class In Recent History, Announces Major Campus Enhancements

The new class represents more than a 25% increase from Fall 2022 and a dramatic recovery from enrollment declines influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic.  The significant enrollment growth is a testament to the success of several ambitious new initiatives aimed at enhancing every aspect of the student experience.

"At RMU, we see the potential in our students, sometimes even before they see it in themselves," remarked RMU President, Dr. Michelle Patrick. "It’s our job to make sure we give them everything they need to become unstoppable in their lives and their careers.  We knew that if we stayed true to that mission—if we doubled down on the things that make RMU great—prospective students and families would notice.”

The university’s student centric approach begins with its academic offerings.  RMU ensures its programs meet both current and emerging workforce needs. 

"The bridge between our university and industry is built on mutual understanding and collaboration,” said Dr. Patrick. “If we want to fulfill our mission, we have to listen to industry and fine-tune our offerings to align with workforce needs."

RMU works diligently to ensure that its academic programs provide students with a competitive advantage in key sectors like business, nursing, cybersecurity, engineering, and technology while continuing excellence in other STEM areas, healthcare, communication, education, media arts, social sciences, and more.

"We’re dedicated to career-readiness in every discipline," Dr. Patrick noted. "Our collaborative partnerships with industry are critical to the success of RMU, the region, and most importantly, our students.” 

Perhaps the most notable example of collaborative, entrepreneurial partnerships with industry and community is RMU’s work with the S. Kent Rockwell Foundation. Last year, the Kent Rockwell Family gave an $18 million naming gift to the Rockwell School of Business that further encourages community partnership, industry collaboration and the development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem that helps RMU stand meaningfully apart.

The university’s dedication to its students extends far beyond the classroom, and nowhere is this commitment more evident than in the transformative projects at the Nicholson Center. Positioned at the heart of RMU’s scenic campus, The Nicholson Center has been reimagined as a true student center bridging academic and residential experience. 

Enhancements include a new centrally located office called ‘Solution Central’ that combines critical services for students including financial aid, student financial services, scheduling, the Center for Student Success, and tutoring. RMU’s goal is to create a collaborative team of experts who are poised to provide students with simple, one stop assistance with their most common needs. 

RMU has also established a Student Concierge Service located centrally in Nicholson Center and staffed by highly trained RMU Students. The Concierge Service helps visitors and fellow students with any answer from directions, to dining hall hours, restaurant recommendations and more.

Students will also discover a massive new multipurpose area on the bottom floor of Nicholson dubbed ‘The Basement’ that includes cozy furniture, TVs, pool and ping pong tables, a stage, amenities for commuter students, a conference room, and more.

"We are thrilled to welcome the class of 2027 and are energized by their excitement,” said Dr. Patrick.  “I want students and families to know that this is only the beginning, and that everything we do here will be filtered through one lens: what is best for our students. That’s the RMU Way.”

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