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Statement from President Howard

Message to the RMU community regarding George Floyd.

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Dear members of the RMU community,

I am running out of words. When I was a newly minted graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, I watched video of the brutal beating of Rodney King by Los Angeles police and peaceful protests that turned into riots in the wake of the officers’ acquittal. Twenty-eight years later, with many similar events in between, I looked on with the rest of the world as George Floyd's life was snuffed out before our very eyes. Again, peaceful protests have turned into riots.

I, too, stand with those protesting the death of George Floyd, whose death is simply unconscionable, but unfortunately represents the failure of elements of our society to afford black men a modicum of dignity, respect, humanity, and life itself.

Sadly, I have no satisfactory solution, but offer my prayers for our nation, the Floyd family, and all those hurting so deeply by what they have witnessed and experienced.

For those students who need support during this difficult time, I encourage you to reach out to the Counseling Center at 412-397-5900,, or through the Counseling Center web site at 

And for those of you who do not feel like a welcome part of the RMU community, please know that you are! We will work harder and more diligently to ensure you feel welcome, respected, and loved. We will not solve this problem with a single event or initiative, but we will work on it together, and we will continue to communicate with you about this over the summer and as we return for the fall semester. 

Please stay safe, and do remember to treat one another with dignity and respect. 


Christopher Howard