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The undergraduate-level certificate in sales provides the necessary skill sets to be successful in sales and sales management positions. The program covers various aspects of sales terminology, the psychology behind sales and its impact on sales personnel, management of brands and categories of products, sales analytics, consultation and relationship building, and entrepreneurial thinking.

Designed as a stackable credential, the program can be enrolled in independently or as part of an undergraduate degree. Courses count toward graduation requirements, so students who enroll in the certificate program can graduate on time.

Center for Sales Excellence

The certificate program is the foundation of the Center for Sales Excellence, a stand alone entity in the Department of Marketing in the RMU School of Business. The mission of the Center for Sales Excellence is to prepare students to have a sales mindset as adaptive problem-solvers and relationship builders.

Contact Information

Jill A. Kurp, Ph.D
University Professor of Marketing
Department Head, Marketing
Director, Center for Sales Excellence


Sample Courses:

These are some of the classes for students in this academic program:

Psychology of Sales
Managing and Selling of Brands
Consultative Sales
Advanced Professional Selling