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Are you interested in developing your creative writing skills while exploring the professional demands and expectations of the publishing ecosystem? 

RMU’s four-course (twelve credit), fully on-line certificate in Creative Writing prepares students to produce polished, publishable creative works (fiction and creative non-fiction) while gaining experience in: 

  • Working from “premise (drafting polished, publishable creative works) to publication” (the business of publishing, the editorial process, serial publishing, community building). 
  • Practicing a variety of storytelling genres. 
  • Revising writing so as to appeal to specific audiences and purposes.

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Dr. Edward Karshner

  • ENGL 3020 Introduction in Creative Writing
  • ENGL 3200 Fiction Writing
  • ENGL 2010 Reading Non-fiction
  • ENGL 3030 Storytelling for Multimedia

Sample Courses:

These are some of the classes for students in this academic program:

Introduction in Creative Writing
Fiction Writing
Reading Non-fiction
Storytelling for Multimedia