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The M.S. in Cyber Investigations and Intelligence degree program focuses on the challenges of conducting multifaceted, complex cyber investigations, including the identification, collection, and preservation of criminal and intelligence evidence for prosecution. Cyber crimes are on the rise, increasing the demand for professionals with both technical and investigative expertise. This degree prepares cyber investigators to work at all levels of government and industry. 

The program utilizes a dedicated non-attributed computer lab that is not part of the university’s network, allowing students to learn how criminal and state-sponsored actors set up inexpensive yet sophisticated systems. Areas of study also include how to operate under a pretext, gain willing followers and sources, and build a believable online investigative persona.

Course Plan: Standalone Master's Two-Year Program

Summer - Online

Fall (1st Year) - On Ground/Lab Two Nights a Week

  • CYBR6120 LINUX for Investigators
  • CYBR6130 OSINT Collection, Analysis and Investigation

Spring (1st Year) - On Ground/Lab One Night a Week

Fall (2nd Year) - On Ground/Lab Two Nights a Week

Spring (2nd Year) - On Ground/Lab Two Nights a Week

Course Plan: Standalone Master's One-Year Program

Summer - Online

Fall - On Ground/Lab Two Nights a Week

Spring - On Ground/Lab Two Nights a Week

Course Plan: 4+1

Senior Year

First Semester

Second Semester

Admissions Requirements

This degree is designed for learners with average technical skills and is developed in a crawl/walk/run sequence of courses. Each course is designed to build on the other and gradually increase in complexity.


  • GPA of 3.0 or higher is required
  • Application w/ 2 letters of recommendation preferably from faculty or supervisor
Tyler Moore

Megan Garfinkel

Cyber Investigations and Intelligence Masters
Allegheny County DA’s Office

One undeniable fact is that cybercrime is becoming more and more prevalent with each passing year of technology advancements. Individuals must become educated in the workings of cybersecurity and how to combat cyber threats. I chose RMU's Cyber Investigations and Intelligence graduate program because of my knowledge of how hard the professors at RMU work. They create a vigorous curriculum that truly teaches students information to help them obtain jobs in their dream fields.

The Cyber Investigations and Intelligence program focus on getting students' hands-on experience. Working with professors who have been in the cyber field for many years, students learn programming languages like Python and Linux and craft intelligence briefs about various threat actors using advanced tools like Anomali and Recorded-Future. They also learn how to remain anonymous when conducting live dark-web investigations, understand tools that both domestic and foreign threat actors will use against the government and private sector institutions and how to combat them, and much more.

When I first joined the Master's program, I was finishing up my Criminal Justice and Psychology undergraduate degrees, which is a subtle way of saying I did not know much about the cyber realm. I never imagined the immense variety of knowledge that I would obtain. The professors work tirelessly to make sure each student understands the material. They also assist in networking students with people in their desired fields, leading to job placements. Upon graduation, I began working with the Master's program and volunteering with an amazing non-profit as a dark web researcher to help combat human trafficking and child exploitation. I am currently working as a criminal analyst for the local District Attorney. Almost every employer is now looking for a cyber background on a resume. To be best prepared for the world after graduation, choosing the RMU Cyber Investigations and Intelligence program is the best decision you can make.

Sample Courses:

These are some of the classes for students in this academic program:

LINUX for Investigators
Cyber Tradecraft
Deep/Dark Web Investigations

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