Student Identities Abroad: Greek Life

The connections made between members of a fraternity or sorority can often be some of the closest relationships students have during college. It can be difficult to imagine leaving campus for a semester, but there are ways to fit studying abroad into your academic and social life as a member of an RMU Greek organization. 

Questions to consider with an Advisor/by yourself:

  • What parts of Greek Life are most important to you, and how can you recreate those experiences abroad?
  • What are the financial implications of studying abroad when it comes to your Greek organization? Will you be required to pay dues for that semester? (Your chapter treasurer and advisor are your best contacts here!)
  • When does it make the most sense to go abroad, both in terms of your academics and your Greek life commitments?

Tips for having a positive study abroad experience:

  • Figure out ways to bring the important parts of your Greek Life experience into your host country. Look for opportunities to get involved in community service while abroad.
  • Talk to your academic advisor and figure out the best time period for you to go abroad, taking into account both RMU coursework and your Greek responsibilities. You might find a sophomore spring or junior fall abroad to be your best option, before you have leadership commitments in your Greek organization, or maybe a summer abroad program or a FLEAP would fit best into your schedule.
  • Has anyone in your Greek organization studied abroad before? They’re a great resource! Ask them about their experience abroad.
  • Talk to your Greek brothers or sisters about going abroad. They might be thinking about it, too. You could go abroad together, or you could go abroad at the same time to different countries, which gives you an opportunity to travel to visit one another during a long weekend.
  • Talk to your Greek brothers or sisters about how you can stay connected to them while you’re abroad. Video chat and social media are both great options for keeping in touch from a distance.
  • Redirect your FOMO. Instead of thinking about what’s going on in your Greek organization at RMU, make a list of things you want to do while abroad that you can’t do at RMU. What restaurants do you want to try? What landmarks do you want to see in person? Don’t miss out on a great experience while abroad because you’re too focused on what you’re missing out on back home!



  • CIS Abroad offers a Greek Life Scholarship for students participating on their programs
  • Many other program providers offer scholarships based on commitment to community service, which is a big part of Greek Life--that makes you a great candidate!
  • Your fraternity or sorority likely has scholarships available, and you may be able to apply those to a study abroad program.