Global Mentors are RMU study abroad alumni who want to talk to you about their experiences abroad!

Check out their stories below! Current students have their email address listed, and you are welcome to contact them with any questions you have about studying abroad.

If you’re a returned study abroad student and want to become a Global Mentor, email Jessica at schrader@rmu.edu to learn more.

School of Business

Sarah ParryAbby Cowie

  • Accounting Major
  • Spring 2023 semester in Seoul, South Korea

"Studying abroad truly helped me to find myself! I feel as if I have grown into a whole new person since I had to rely on myself to socialize, budget, and travel in a whole new country. I absolutely recommend studying abroad to everyone who is able to do it since you’ll be able to let yourself grow in so many aspects."

Email Abby at avcst307@mail.rmu.edu


Sarah ParrySarah Parry

  • Management and Marketing majors
  • Spring 2022 semester in London, England

"Studying abroad connected me with so many incredible people that I still work with today and that I am still friends with. I now have global connections and have friends in all kinds of places. I also learned SO much! It is so amazing to hear different perspectives about different topics and also to see how culture is different in Europe vs USA. It is by far the best decision I have ever made and would do it over and over again."


Aurora RogersAurora Rogers

  • Sport Management and Hospitality & Tourism Management majors
  • Spring 2022 semester in Sorrento, Italy

"Studying abroad definitely changed me in many ways and broadened my knowledge of a variety of cultures. I grew as a person, learned a lot about myself, and became more self-confident in who I was. Making new friends while exploring new places was an amazing experience and I am so happy that I studied abroad."


RebeccaRowan Zavatchan

  • Finance and Hospitality & Tourism Management majors
  • Summer 2020 in Seoul, South Korea

"During challenging times and amazing experiences, I cherished every moment spent out of country. I certainly gained a new level of freedom while abroad that I am unwilling to give up as well as a new mindset towards my future."


SavannahSavannah McIntyre

  • Hospitality and Tourism Management major
  • Spring 2019 Semester to EM Strasbourg Business School in France

“Studying abroad helped me grow as a person. I am now more independent, confident, and have an improved self-esteem.”



SamanthaSamantha Williams

  • Accounting major
  • FLEAP to South Africa in Spring 2019

“Studying abroad has given me many new opportunities in the professional world by giving me a unique academic experience and giving me chances for personal growth. The opportunity to both learn about rising business ventures in a foreign country and to explore the culture is an experience I believe every student should get to have.”


ErinErin Confortini

  • Finance and Economics majors
  • Spring 2019 Semester with CAPA in Florence, Italy*

“Studying abroad was the best experience of my life. It taught me how to be independent by living alone in a completely foreign country. I had the opportunity to travel to 12 different countries during my semester in Florence, and because of this experience I have a lifetime of memories and friendships that I will cherish forever.”

*Note that this is not currently an approved semester program for RMU students.

School of Engineering, Math, and Science

Haley NangleHaley Nangle

  • Data Analytics major
  • 2023 FLEAP to Norway & Sweden

“The study abroad program really helped me become more comfortable being uncomfortable. I didn’t know anyone on the trip, so it was a new country with new people and I loved it!! Made some of the closest friends, and already trying to find a way to study abroad again!”

Email Haley at hcnst292@mail.rmu.edu


SaraSara Chernicky

  • Biomedical Engineering major, with an MS in Engineering Management
  • Summer 2019 internship with CIEE in Santiago, Chile
  • Vira I. Heinz Scholar

“My time in Santiago, Chile was priceless. Getting to test my boundaries in my first experience abroad provided an opportunity for personal growth and self-exploration. Academically, I was given opportunities in my research internship abroad at the University of Chile that I do not believe I would have been given in the states.”


MiaMia Krolczyk

  • Industrial Engineering major
  • Summer 2019 abroad with SIT in Iceland
  • Vira I. Heinz Scholar

“Studying abroad allowed me to explore renewable energy in an area where it is actively being developed and practiced. Studying abroad also strengthened my independence and sparked my interest in traveling.”


JessicaJessica Sales

  • Industrial Engineering major
  • Summer 2019 abroad with the School for Field Studies (SFS) in Costa Rica
  • Vira I. Heinz Scholar

“Studying abroad in Costa Rica broadened my global perspective as well as my perspective about myself. Before visiting Costa Rica, I thought that there was only landscape there was rainforest. Our study and research opportunities provided through the Center for Sustainable Development took us all over Costa Rica. From the lowlands to the highlands even to the mountains. I saw firsthand that not only are there rainforests, but there are other landscapes such as dry forests, cloud forests, coast lines, and even a páramo in the mountains. This opened my eyes that the diversity in Costa Rica goes much further than just the wildlife. I also found that I could handle more than I ever thought. I learned that making “sacrifices” for sustainable living such as cold showers, compost toilets, and limiting electricity consumption do not actually have to be sacrifices at all.”


School of Informatics, Humanities, and Social Science

Haley DegitzHaley Degitz

  • Political Science emajor
  • Summer 2023 abroad in Sorrento, Italy
  • Vira I. Heinz Scholar

"Studying abroad in Italy was the most transforming experience of my life so far. I was personally and professionally challenged to step out of my comfort zone. By doing so, I advanced academically and confidently."

Email Haley at hmdst144@mail.rmu.edu


Gavin HartmanGavin Hartman

  • Cybersecurity major
  • Spring 2023 abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland

"My favorite experience was being able to travel and see so many different things in Germany and Czechia. I would recommend to any student thinking about studying abroad to do it, it is the best experience you will have in college. Studying abroad gave me a new sense of the world, cooking skills, and overall I have matured a lot."

Email Gavin at gphst277@mail.rmu.edu


Lauren HunseckerLauren Hunsecker

  • Political Science major; accelerated program with MS Cyber Investigations and Intelligence
  • Summer 2022 in Athens, Greece
  • Vira I. Heinz Scholar

"I have never felt so at peace with my soul than when I was in Greece–particularly when I was floating in any one of the seas. I felt truly free, adventurous, curious, happy, carefree and sometimes (which I found to be the best times now looking back) uncomfortable. I learned more about myself when I was in uncomfortable situations in Greece than when I was previously just “living” in America. I finally realized and came to terms that I was simply going with the flow of life too much."


Shaylin McGuireShaylin McGuire

  • Criminal Justice major
  • Summer 2022 in London, England
  • Vira I. Heinz Scholar

"My study abroad experience was life-changing in so many ways, so I would highly recommend it to anyone who is able. Studying abroad gives students an opportunity to indulge themselves in different cultures and lifestyles while also expanding academically. This kind of experience enables personal, academic, and professional growth, and allows students to view the world from a different perspective."


Zipporah SewellZipporah Sewell

  • Organizational Leadership major
  • Summer 2022 in Cusco, Peru and Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
  • Vira I. Heinz Scholar
  • Gilman Scholar

"One of the things I am so grateful for is being able to learn about the world during my time abroad is that it is so big and there is so much to see and do. Even if you are in a place and you feel like you have checked all the boxes of places you will stumble down a street and end up in a cafe that has cats walking around and realize there is never enough time to see everything but trying is just as fun."


AnnaAnna Zaharewicz

  • Media Arts - Graphic Design major
  • Spring 2020 at Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland

"Studying abroad was the best decision I have ever made. It dramatically changed me in the two and a half months I was away. Not only did I learn in a new environment, but I learned more about myself. One of my favorite experiences abroad was travelling with a group of my friends to Venice. The trip was sort of last minute and barely planned out but it will always stick with me. I would heavily encourage every student to look into studying abroad, that being a FLEAP or semester. I formed relationships and memories that really changed who I am and my outlook on everything."


AmandaAmanda Ebner

  • Information Science major
  • Spring 2020 at the Sant'Anna Institute in Sorrento, Italy

"Studying abroad allowed me to grow in ways no other experience has. Whether exploring the canals of Venice or the streets of Florence, traveling abroad taught me to be more self-reliant, adventurous, and confident, all while learning more about another culture and way of life. I'll always treasure my adventures abroad, and I know that they have prepared me to take on whatever lies ahead in my adult life. I think all RMU students should study abroad to broaden their horizons and get the chance to grow in a foreign country."


SydneySydney Clark

  • Political Science major
  • Summer 2019 abroad with CIEE in Cape Town, South Africa

“Studying abroad completely changed my perspective not only of the world but also of myself. I never thought I’d be able to get on a plane and go to another country to study and explore with a group of people I’ve never met before. But doing so gave me the confidence I needed to know that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.”


School of Nursing, Education, and Human Studies

Claire GiovanelliClaire Giovanelli

  • Psychology Major
  • Fall 2023 semester in Athens, Greece

“Studying abroad is a life changing experience that helps you explore the world while continuing your education. I was able to build my independence and confidence in travelling and had experiences like no other. I became more outgoing and more comfortable in my travel skills.”

Email Claire at cjgst161@mail.rmu.edu.


MeganMegan Asmonga

  • Early Childhood and Special Education major
  • Spring 2019 Semester with ISA in Port Elizabeth, South Africa*

“Experiencing new cultures and languages in South Africa has allowed me to become more independent. As an education major, this experience has provided me insight on how to relate to other cultures and languages in the classroom.”


JustyceJustyce Hill

  • Psychology major
  • Spring 2019 Semester with CIEE in Santiago, Chile

“Studying abroad has change my perception of the world for the better. A student should study abroad just to gain the cultural awareness and experience. Learning and adapting is a great way to help you become more open minded.”


AllisonAllison Kowal

  • Nursing major
  • Spring 2019 FLEAP to Australia and Fall 2019 FLEAP to Ecuador

“Studying abroad led me to realize my passion in traveling and exploring new cultures. My trip to Ecuador for nursing holds one of my favorite experiences which was opening up a clinic and providing care in a community for a week. Within this community, I meant inspiring individuals who have shown me the importance of life.”