Scholar Development: Professor Resources

The Office of Scholar Development provides information, outreach, and support to RMU students in all majors who have the potential to become candidates for nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships.

Each year a number of national and international organizations offer a variety of scholarships recognizing achievement in academics and the potential to contribute to society.  Exceptional undergraduate students who plan to advance their academic, foreign language, civic, or leadership qualifications are encouraged to evaluate their eligibility for these prestigious awards throughout their undergraduate career. The following chart highlights opportunities for students by major. If you believe a student may be a good candidate for an award, ask the student to schedule an appointment with the Office of Scholar Development, or

Finding a Fellowship or Scholarship

The Fellowship Finder helps students and professors alike find suitable fellowships based on a student's wants and needs. It also allows students and professors to browse all available fellowships to gain a better understanding of current offerings.

For students looking for a summer experience in health sciences, the National Association of Health Professionals provides a directory of opportunities in the US and overseas.

Find an REU site:

Writing Student Recommendations

Visit this Penn State site for advice on writing effective letters of recommendation.