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If you're actively pursuing a fellowship or wondering if fellowships are for you, you are in the right place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fellowship?

Fellowships, also sometimes called scholarships or grants, are awards to support independent study, research, and degrees in various disciplines.  A fellowship can range from two-week study programs to five-year graduate programs in the U.S. and abroad. 

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What are my chances of winning a fellowship/scholarship?

Prestigious scholarships and fellowships are highly competitive, and attract the most accomplished students. Scholarship websites are your first resource for eligibility and selection criteria.  Before starting an application, study the scholarship website and meet with the Office of Scholar Development to determine if you might be a good candidate. 

While winning a prestigious fellowship is a life-changing event, completing the application for a prestigious award is a rewarding experience regardless of the outcome. Many students who apply for fellowships find success in gaining admission to graduate schools around the world.

How do I find the right fellowship/scholarship?

The journey from identifying to applying for a fellowship or scholarship can be long and challenging.  Begin with an assessment of your goals and interests.  Are you looking for a summer program or graduate study? Do you want to be in the US or abroad? Consider how a fellowship or research award may fit into your plans for the future. The Office of Scholar Development can guide you through your self-assessment and search.

Find a Fellowship

Several databases are available to help you search for a fellowship. 

For summer opportunities:

Office of Scholar Development (Patrick Henry 311)

If you want to start a fellowship application or explore the possibilities, contact for an appointment. Note that some of the most renowned awards require an institutional endorsement and must be submitted by a university representative in the Scholar Development Office.

Honors Scholar Development Course (HNRS2900)

The Office of Scholar Development offers an eight week, one credit class to students who are interested in learning more about fellowships and scholarships. The course focuses on awareness of prestigious national and international scholarship competitions, and other scholarly activities, such as undergraduate research and study abroad.  It aims to help students evaluate their potential for success in competitive fellowships and construct effective applications for them as well as for graduate school.  Students go through numerous steps in the application process, including self-reflection, refining of goals, researching opportunities, crafting strong vitas, writing research proposals and personal statements, assembling letters of recommendation, and doing mock interviews. 

To register, contact

Applying for a Fellowship

For guidance in completing application components, including personal statements, meet with in Scholar Development.