RMU Student Madison Heidenreich Wins Second Annual Sales Challenge

Madison Heidenreich

The Second Annual Sales Challenge, sponsored by the Center for Sales Excellence at Robert Morris University and PITT-OHIO was held on March 27, 2021

The Second Annual Sales Challenge was a one-day, two-round sales role-play competition open to undergraduate students from universities in the region. The schools that participated in the challenge were Robert Morris University, The University of Dayton, Slippery Rock University,  West Virginia University, and Old Dominion University. 

The students played the role of a sales professional in this tournament-style competition and competed for monetary prizes. They played the role of a sales representative from PITT-OHIO selling to a customer. All registered students competed in Round 1 using the Round 1 role play scenario as a guide. Groups of 4 students were assigned to each role-play room and had 15 minutes for their presentation. The top scoring student from each role-play room moved on to Round 2 using Round 2 role play scenario as a guide and again had 20 minutes for their presentation.

The challenge was held virtually.

Scenario of round one role-play was to develop an effective introduction, understanding the situation, identifying the problems, examining the consequences of the problems, discovering what their needs are, and closing with getting a second appointment.

Scenario of round two role-play was to provide a review of what needs were discovered in role-play one, to provide the solutions to the buyer’s problems, handle objections and close the sale. 


The winners of Round 2 were: 

1st place - Madison Heidenreich from Robert Morris University

2nd place - Luke Weir from West Virginia University

3rd place - Grace Coyle from West Virginia University