RMU Student Team Places Top 20 in the U.S. for a KPMG Case Challenge


An interdisciplinary team of students from accounting, management, marketing, engineering, and science participated in a global student case challenge organized by KPMG “Ideation Challenge” in December and January. The goal of the challenge is to create an advanced technology solution that helps an organization or industry to overcome or leverage the impacts of the global pandemic. Each team’s project is judged by a panel of experts on innovation and disruption, realism and impact, client, and pitch. Only selected teams advance to the national and then to the international round. The RMU team placed in the top 20  in the U.S. round and their pitch on “ScoutLocal” – a browser extension that helps consumers “browse with a purpose” while at the same time, support local businesses that are hardest hit by the pandemic. According to KPMG, their presentation was among the best in addressing the impact of the global pandemic and was both innovative and feasible. This team was advised by Professor Peng in the Accounting Department, Professor Crawley in the Management Department, Professor Kurp in the Marketing Department and Board of Trustee Member Richard Archer. 

Team members include:

  • Jeffrey Degrosky – Biomedical Engineering
  • Samantha Foust – Marketing
  • Maya Orlove – Accounting
  • Jessica Parrinello – Management
  • Jayme Sanner - Statistics and Predictive Analytics
  • Ashley Staudt – Accounting