2023 TRISS Scholarship Winners


The CIS Department recognizes the TRISS 2023 scholarship recipients. This year 14 Top Secret Colonials (RMU Cybersecurity students) were awarded money from the Three Rivers Information Security Symposium (TRISS). TRISS takes place in the Pittsburgh region each year and is the largest technology conference in this region. Students were required to be registered full-time in Cybersecurity or a similar IT degree and were required to submit a transcript (3.0 GPA or higher), letters of recommendation, and a personal statement to be considered. RMU’s students received the largest amount of money and had the largest number of recipients followed by CMU, Pitt, and other universities in our region. The recipients were as follows:

  1. Katherine Shannon
  2. Kelson Bowman
  3. Evan Brooks
  4. Logan Strausbaugh
  5. Marvin Posadas
  6. Austin Martin
  7. Sean Miller
  8. Grant Carvender
  9. Kevin Hienz
  10. Haley Nangle
  11. Cade Skuse
  12. Jesse Marks
  13. Madison Maynard
  14. Anthony Guerrero