NCL Student Medalists


The following students in the RMU Cybersecurity major have received distinguished
Medal Badges from NCL (National Cyber League) 2023 Fall Season based on their
individual and team performance scores:

Platinum Medalists: 

Steven Zalenski*

Rob Pava*

Kelson Bowman 

Gold Medalists: 

Peyton Lutchkus*

Reese Martin*

James Bonacci*

Grant Carvender

Silver Medalist: 

Darren Gray*

NCL’s mission is to prepare the next generation of cybersecurity professionals through real-world cybersecurity challenges. More than 13,000 students from over 600 institutions across the U.S. participate in NCL each year. Dr. Ping Wang serves as the faculty coach for RMU student participation in NCL.