Faculty - School of Nursing, Education and Human Studies

Nadine Cozzo Englert, Ph.D., M.S.N., R.N.

Interim Dean and Chief Nurse Administrator

Ph.D. in Social and Comparative Analysis in Education, University of Pittsburgh
M.S.N. in Nursing Education, University of Pittsburgh
B.S.N., Florida Atlantic University

1 - Englert, Nadine

Department Heads

Parker, Susan
Susan W. Parker, Ph.D.

Department Head, Education
Associate Professor of Education
Early childhood education, social issues related to children with disabilities

Samantha J. Monda, Ph.D.
Samantha J. Monda, Ph.D.

Department Head, Psychology and Health Sciences
Associate Professor of Psychology
Sport and exercise psychology, counseling, student-athlete development

Sunday, Colleen
Colleen Sunday, PhD, RN

Department Head of Nursing
BSN Program Director
Assistant Professor of Nursing


School Faculty and Staff

Bernadowski, Carianne
Carianne Bernadowski, Ph.D.

Professor of Education
Qualitative research, bibliotherapy, early literacy

Bires, Angela
Angela Bires, EdD, MPM, RT(N), CNMT, FSNNM-TS

Professor of Nuclear Medicine Technology
Nuclear medicine technology, curriculum development, student counseling

boon, erin
Erin E. Neuman-Boone, Ph.D., LPC

Assistant Professor of Psychology

conrad, carla
Carla Conrad, PhD, RRT-NPS

Director, Health Sciences Program
Assistant Professor of Health Sciences

Donne, Vicki
Vicki J. Donne, D.Ed

Professor of Education
Special education, reading instruction for deaf students, assistive technology

Foreman, Stephen
Stephen Foreman, PhD, JD, MPA

Professor of Nursing
Healthcare markets, nursing regulation, income inequality and health

Frndak, Diane
Diane Frndak, PhD, MBA

Assistant Professor of Health Services Administration
Leadership, quality and patient safety, process improvement

fuller, richard
Richard G. Fuller, D.Ed.

Professor of Education
Specialties: Distance education, technology in education, instructional design and leadership

Guimond, Betsy
Betsy Guimond, PhD, WHNP-BC

Assistant Professor of Nursing
Women's health, program evaluation, simulation

Hampe, Holly
Holly Hampe, DSc, RN, MHA, MRM

Health Services Administration Program Director
Associate Professor of Health Services Administration

Hansen, Mary A.
Mary A. Hansen, Ph.D.

Professor of Education
Educational measurement, assessment, quantitative research design

Hellier, Susan
Susan Hellier, PhD, DNP, FNP-BC, CNE

Professor of Nursing
Women's health, evidence-based practice, nursing education

Holdan, E. Gregory
E. Gregory Holdan, Ph.D.

Professor of Mathematics and Education
Mathematics education, reflection, learning and teaching style

Jacobs, Stephanie
Stephanie Jacobs, DNP, FNP, CNM, PhD-C

Director, DNP Program
Assistant Professor of Nursing

Kameg, Kirstyn
Kirstyn Kameg, DNP, PMHNP-BC

University Professor of Nursing
Psychiatric nursing, simulation, interprofessional education

Kamerer, Jessica
Jessica L. Kamerer, EdD, MSN, RNC-NIC

Associate Professor, Nursing

Kardambikis, Patricia
Patricia Kardambikis, PhD

Assistant ProfessorĀ of Education
Coordinator of Graduate Educational Leadership Programs

Locasto, Lisa W.
Lisa W. Locasto, DNP, RN, CNS

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Meyers, Mark
Mark M. Meyers, Ph.D.

Professor of Education

Pandit, Neha I.
Neha I. Pandit, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Psychology
Family counseling, psychopathology, psychological assessment

Paul, Stephen T.
Stephen T. Paul, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology
Sensation and perception, cognition, research methods

Pyo, Katrina
Katrina Pyo, PhD, RN, CCRN

Associate Professor of Nursing
Medical, surgical, and critical care nursing; policy development

Quigley, Michael
Michael Quigley, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Education
Associate Professor of Organizational Leadership
Educational equity, culturally competent leadership, nonprofit leadership

Ramponi, Denise
Denise Ramponi, DNP, FNP-C, ENP-BC, FAANP, FAEN

Associate Professor of Nursing
Emergency, simulation, leadership

Rateau, Margaret
Margaret Rateau, PhD, RN, CNE

Assistant Professor of Nursing
Nursing education, creative teaching strategies, disaster relief nursing

Richardson, Luann
Luann Richardson, PhD, DNP, FNP, PMHNP, FAANP

Professor of Nursing
Psychiatric nursing, advanced practice issues, integrated practice

Ross, Carl

University Professor of Nursing

Sarasnick, Janice
Janice Sarasnick, PhD, MSN, RN, CHSE, CHSOS

Associate Professor of Nursing
Nursing education, simulation, emergency/pediatric nursing

Shields, Ashlee
Ashlee Shields, PhD, RN, CCRN

Assistant Professor of Nursing
Coordinator, Online Nursing Programs

Taylor, Nathan N.
Nathan N. Taylor, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Education
Multicultural education, social studies education, gender and sexuality studies

Tepe, Jen
Jen H. Tepe, PhD

Assistant Professor of Education

Wheeler, David A.
David A. Wheeler, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology
Industrial-organizational psychology, adjustment, physiological psychology

Zeanchock, John A.
John A. Zeanchock, Ed.D.

Associate Professor of Education and Computer and Information Systems
Online learning, educational technology, curriculum and instructional design

Zhang, Ying
Ying Zhang, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Education
English language learners, English language development, educational linguistics

Zyhier, Shamika
Shamika Zyhier, PhD, MSN, RN

Assistant Professor of Nursing
Medical and surgical, cardiothoracic post-surgical care, nursing education