Miscellaneous Fees Explanations

International Student Fee

The International Student Programs and Support Services Fee supports the cost of providing comprehensive academic, personal and cultural programs and support services and activities to international students each semester. This once per semester fee is charged to all international students and is due regardless of the student's participation in the programs, services and activities.

NCLEX (National Council Licensure Exam) Preparation Fee

The NCLEX Preparation Fee is included in designated nursing courses where standardized exams (aka HESI exams), personalized remediation, and other preparation materials (e.g., case studies, adaptive quizzes, online review modules) are utilized. The preparatory materials are incorporated throughout the program and intended to support student progression toward successful program completion and the NCLEX licensure exam.

Orientation Fee

The Orientation Fee covers the cost of informational materials and handouts, the orientation program and other administrative costs. This one time fee is charged to new freshmen and transfer undergraduate students who enter during the Fall semester. This fee pays for all services rendered and is due regardless of the student's participation at orientation.

University Services Fee

The University Services Fee is used for general University support, facilities enhancements and administrative services. This fee helps to defray the costs for technology support including upgrades, software, online support, Blackboard and wireless connections as well as student services which include security, student activities, transportation services, and health and wellness initiatives. 

RMU Book Bundle Fee

RMU students are automatically enrolled in the RMU Book Bundle each semester and are free to opt out and purchase course materials separately for each class if preferred.  The RMU Book Bundle service provides all required textbooks, lab manuals, access codes and digital textbook versions. The only items that are not included are those that cannot be returned and reused, such as lab goggles, dissection kits, molecular model kits, engineering kits, or nursing kits.  Additional information on the RMU Book Bundle program is available at:  https://www.rmu.edu/about/book-bundle

Residence Hall Association Fee

The Residence Hall Association Fee is charged to all resident students to help defray the costs associated with educational, cultural and developmental programs and services in the Residence Halls.

Student Government Association Fee

The Student Government Association Fee is charged to all traditional undergraduate students each semester. The fee is used to defray the costs of social, leadership, cultural and professional development groups sponsored by the Student Government Association and is used to provide funding to student clubs and organizations recognized by the Association.

Student Recreation and Fitness Fee

The Student Recreation and Fitness Fee is charged to all traditional full-time and part-time undergraduate students each semester.  The fee is used to fund and support the operation of all university recreation and fitness facilities and to provide intramural sports, fitness classes, wellness programs and recreational activities. 

Simulation Lab Fee

The Simulation Lab Fee is necessary to cover the costs associated with live and virtual simulation education in the BSN and DNP programs. Costs associated with simulation education include, but are not limited to, disposable supplies, maintenance of the simulation mannequins, simulation-related technology, and the hiring and casting of standardized patients (SPs).

ExamSoft Fee

The nursing and nuclear medicine technology programs utilize ExamSoft to administer course-specific exams and quizzes beginning at the sophomore level. The student fee covers the costs associated with the the ExamSoft software, as well as the associated technological and customer support services.

Clinical Tracking Fee

The Clinical Tracking fee supports the cost of the centralized clinical management and tracking system for students in health-related programs. The system is required for documenting, monitoring and reporting completion of competencies and performance objectives mandated by regulatory and accrediting agencies