Thank You for Your Support

Robert Morris University is dedicated to the holistic education, health, and safety of all our students.

Your past support has helped us ensure that we were able to provide for our students, and now we need your help more than ever.

COVID-19 has changed our students’ lives, and yours, forever. RMU is committed to ensuring the continued education, health and safety of students during an unforeseen crisis like the current pandemic. For the fall 2020 semester, RMU has done the following:

  • Developed over 250 new class sections, retrofitted 20 classrooms for virtual instruction, and instituted mid-day cleaning of classrooms to ensure that students have the opportunity to learn remotely or in a safe, socially-distant classroom.
  • Have added a third shuttle going between campus and Yorktown Hall so that students can sit at a safe-distance while going to and from class.
  • Created new dining areas in existing spaces so that students can safely have meals together, socialize.
  • Adapted the use of Braddock Hall for students who are quarantined or in isolation due to exposure or contraction of COVID-19.
  • Added an additional nurse to the campus health center and provided roaming symptom checkers with the proper PPE and equipment to ensure the safety of all of the RMU campus.
  • Modified the Student Rec Center to allow students to exercise and maintain a healthy life in a clean and socially-distanced environment.
  • Provided the necessary equipment for the counseling center and the center for student success. More than ever, students need mental health professionals and assistance with their classes through tutoring and modified learning and testing environments.

These new initiatives, equipment and modifications are necessary to ensure that students are able to complete their education, as well as ensure the health and safety of the RMU community. And RMU will continue to adapt as the fall semester continues and the spring semester starts.

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