The Unstoppable Fund

At RMU, we take our students and their futures seriously, and we see their potential before they even see it themselves.

That’s why we are solely focused on giving them everything they need to thrive:  in-demand, quality programs, professional experiences and internships, an engaged faculty, a tight-knit community, and a beautiful campus where they can live and learn.

Our highly-individualized approach gives our students the confidence to try, the freedom to fail, and the support to try again.  In this way, our students learn to see their potential.  More importantly, they learn to achieve it.  

It’s this experience that has set RMU apart for over a century, and none of it would be possible without the support of our donors.  

Your gift to The Unstoppable Fund will support President Patrick’s student-centered vision and help to ensure that nothing stands in the way of our students and their success.  No matter what our students may need, we will be there to help them soar.  

Thanks to your generosity, our students will be transformed, they will be empowered, and yes, they will be unstoppable.