Tom and Lisa Corini Zaken ‘79
Tom and Lisa Corini Zaken ‘79

Our love story started in the old cafeteria the winter of 1977. I walked there every day in the biting cold after my shorthand and typing class in the library. Tom was at the Delta Tau Delta table which was positioned right at the top of the stairs so the Delts could watch all the girls come up. When Tom saw me he asked his roommate Randy, “Who is THAT?” 

Randy knew me from intramural volleyball, so he introduced us and we definitely had an instant attraction! We dated all the way through graduation. Jobs took Tom to other cities while I stayed in Pittsburgh for awhile. Then in December 1979, he proposed. We were married in September 1980 at St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church in Moon Township. Randy was in the wedding and so were my best college gal pals.

We moved to Atlanta the day after we were married and have been here ever since. We're both still working full time and look forward to retirement one day. Our family is here with my son, his wife and three grandkids, who keep us busy!

We love our history together at Robby Bobby U and have been back for a few homecomings joining up with our many college pals who have stayed in touch all these years. The campus is huge and amazing and it's hard for us to recall what was where! Our hearts will always remember RMC - the college before the university, the grilled cheese sandwiches at the student union building, lying out in the sun with baby oil and foil on "the hill" in April, the killer parties at the Delt house, and those midnight trips to Denny's for the Grand Slam breakfast! (Oh and yes, we both got great educations there!)

We celebrate our 40 married years and send love and best wishes out to all the Colonial Couples!