RMU Saudi Alumni Council: Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Diane IgocheDr. Diane Igoche, Director, Computer and Information Systems
(CIS) Graduate Programs 
Associate Professor of Computer and Information Systems
Ph.D., University of Georgia, 2010
Joined RMU in 2014
How did you become interested in teaching in CIS?
I really enjoy finding ways to democratize computing education. This field has such high barriers of entry, yet it is so important to every field. I became interested in teaching in the field because I wanted to contribute to the work of leveling those barriers while keeping standards high. RMU’s CIS department has such skilled faculty members who care for students and ensuring that our students are competitive wherever they go.

What was your favorite experience in Saudi Arabia, having spent two years working at Effat University, in Jeddah?
The traditional Saudi wedding scene! The rich food! Pausing for Salat five times a day (that reminded you to pause the grind) The Souks! People willing to share their culture with you and teach you things about Saudi that you would never hear about on the news.

How do you support the Saudi students at RMU?
I have an open-door policy for school and non-school related issues. It is not easy being so far away from home and sometimes, you need someone to brainstorm with about the hurdles that you encounter in a new culture. I try to be that person!

What advice would you give recent graduates in the field of CIS? 
Your learning has not ended; for you to remain relevant in tech, you should be willing to keep learning for as long as you choose to have a career in this field. Do not be afraid to rebrand yourself in parts of tech that interest you. Sharpen your non-tech skills as well, oral and written skills will take you far! Learn about fields that are adjacent to ours. As you can see with innovations in AI and Security, you will be stronger with knowledge of non-tech areas that directly influence these fields.