SET Domain: Leadership

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Domain Description

The goal of this domain is to encourage students to take action and influence others to make a positive difference for the university and the community at large. A student leader is one that holds a position such as cabinet member, officer, or official, of a University recognized group, organization, or activity. The leadership position requires him/her to plan and organize tasks, events, and functions individually or with the assistance of his/her peers.

Examples and Criteria

Activities that satisfy this domain include leadership positions within university-sanctioned organizations. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Officers and cabinet members of student organizations (e.g., clubs and honor societies)
  • Captains or leaders of athletic teams
  • Members of student government
  • Student mentors
  • Community Advisors
  • RMU Ambassadors
  • Managers of radio and TV stations
  • Editors of newspaper or magazine
  • Officers of Greek organizations
  • Student representatives to University committees and councils

Getting SET Approval

To receive SET approval for the Leadership category, students can submit the activity through their Sentry Secured Services account upon or near completion of the academic term.

Log into the account and click on Submit SET Activity under Academics: Sentry Secured Services.  The RMU SET Guide to Submitting an Activity gives step-by-step instructions on completing this process.

Please note that these experiences can only be approved by the faculty/staff advisor for the organization, group, or activity.  Only authorized approvals will be processed.

*If a student is part of a large group or class submitting the same activity to one faculty/staff member, please ask the authorizing faculty/staff member his or her preference for submission of this activity.  He or she may prefer to submit the activity as a group.

Questions should be directed to the Student Life Office at or (412) 397-5956.