Your RMU ID Card gives you access to a wide range of University facilities and services. Find out what is available to you


Log into to check the balances of all of your University Accounts: Colonial Cash, Dining Dollars, Bookstore Vouchers and more. eAccounts shows your transaction history for your All-Access meal plan as well. In addition, you can deactivate your RMU ID Card if it is ever lost or stolen.

eAccounts gives you access to purchase Commuter Meal Plans, Faculty and Staff Meal Plans. Friends and family can also log in to purchase meal plans and deposit funds using a guest account, into your Dining Dollar account, and Colonial Cash accounts using your RMU email address.

eAccounts is also available as a mobile app. Go to the app store and search for "Transact eAccounts" Download the app and search for Robert Morris University when you open it. Sign on with your RMU Sentry credentials and you can get all the same functionality of the website from your phone.

Colonial Cash

Colonial Cash is a safe and convenient alternative to carrying cash or credit cards, and is available to all university students, faculty and staff. Colonial Cash can be loaded onto your RMU ID Card and used for purchases both on campus and at participating off-campus locations in Moon Township.

How Colonial Cash Works

Add Funds To Colonial Cash Account

Bookstore Vouchers

Students with a projected credit balance for the upcoming Course period (as determined by Student Financial Services), will have up to $2,000 placed on their RMU ID Card as a bookstore voucher for exclusive use at the Barnes & Noble Campus Bookstore in Moon Township. Bookstore vouchers can be used for educational related purchases using excess financial aid.

After the add/drop period, the bookstore vouchers will be cleared off of the RMU ID Card and any remaining funds will be credited back to the student account and a refund will be processed according to the policies and procedures of the Student Financial Services Department.

Campus Dining

The RMU ID Card is your key to campus dining. Meal plans including the All-Access plan and commuter and faculty/staff plans, Dining Dollars and Colonial Cash are stored on the RMU ID Card and can be used at any of the dining locations. A valid RMU ID Card must be presented to access your funds. Cards that are damaged or unreadable will not be accepted.

Dining Dollars carry over from the Fall Semester to the Spring Semester, and any unused funds will expire in May. (Note: If a meal plan is not continued into the Spring semester, any leftover Dining Dollars will be forfeited after the class add/drop period, which is one week into the semester). You may add additional Dining Dollars online through eAccounts OR by stopping into the Student Financial Services Office in Revere.

Online Account Access

Because the RMU ID Card is unique to every cardholder, the 16-digit number given is part of an access code needed to enter the Sentry Secured Services area of the RMU website.

Using the last 10 digits of the RMU ID Card, along with the last 4 digits of your Social Security number and birth date, online accounts can be activated at the Robert Morris University website. Once this initial step is complete, a user name and password can be created, so it is not necessary to memorize the RMU ID Card Number.

Once a user name and password are created, students can start using the E-Mail address and account Robert Morris University has provided for them. This address will be a primary means of communication and should be checked regularly. Students will also have immediate access to the secured area of the website. Access to these pages will allow students to view their grades and obtain other information specific to them. Things such as financial information, official schedules, registering, and paying for classes will are available through this secured area.


You must present a valid RMU ID Card in order to borrow books and research materials from the University’s library in Moon Township. The magnetic stripe of your card is encoded with information required to borrow books from the library. Cards that are damaged or unreadable will not be accepted.

Fitness Center

A RMU ID Card is required upon entry of our campus fitness center for all current student and employee fitness club members. Information about fitness center programs and membership options is available on