Colonial Success Fund

Making college more affordable by investing in your success.

For nearly a century, Robert Morris University has been the place where strivers, drivers, and doers go to get the education and experience they need to launch great careers and great lives. The Colonial Success Fund uses an innovative college financing tool called an income share agreement (ISA) to assist students in paying for their education and demonstrating our commitment to ensuring student outcomes.


Compared to traditional financing options, understanding an ISA from the Colonial Success Fund is refreshingly easy. Here’s how it works:


1. Inquire

Take our financial fitness quiz, try our comparison tool, check out our frequently asked questions, and consult with your Financial Aid Advisor to find out if an ISA is right for you.


2. Apply

Request an invitation to apply for your ISA, and complete the online application.


3. Fund

Receive up to $5,000 annually to fund your education.


4. Thrive

Only pay when you succeed. Six months after graduation, if you've achieved a gross monthly income equal to or exceeding an annual equivalent of $25,000, you'll begin making payments equivalent to a percentage of your income to the university for a maximum of 84 months. If your income falls below the minimum threshold, payments will be paused until your earnings increase. If you earn less or take time out of the workforce, your ISA obligation will expire automatically after 10 years.


Based on your success.

Your payments adjust to your income. Pay a fixed percentage when your gross income exceeds the minimum, and pay nothing when you make less.

Easy to complete.

Your ISA ends immediately when you hit the payment cap, make the maximum number of monthly payments, or reach the close of the payment window.

Designed with you in mind.

With a payment cap, an automatic expiration date, and a minimum income threshold, the ISA is designed to protect its participants from the uncertainty of more traditional financing options.


Visit the resource center to learn more about ISAs, compare the ISA to other financing options, and to test your financial fitness.

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