Jordan's Story

In high school Jordan Redinger set a lofty goal for herself – to become a curator at a Smithsonian museum. After landing an internship at the National Air & Space Museum in D.C., that goal has never seemed more attainable.


In high school Jordan Redinger set a goal for herself – to become a curator at a Smithsonian museum. Back then, this seemed like a lofty goal for the history buff from Erie, Pennsylvania. 

But today, that aspiration seems more attainable than ever. Jordan spent the summer working in the National Air and Space Museum’s Paul E. Garber Facility just outside of D.C. 

She works in the collections and archives department and surveys artifacts through photography. As the museum goes through a renovation to the entire facility, her job is to inspect each artifact and ensure they’re in good shape and safe to be moved. 

“The Smithsonian is the world leader on digitalizing their collections,” says Jordan. “My job is to take photos of the artifacts and produce an image that looks like the exact replica of the artifacts so that people all over the world can look at it and do research based off of it.”

Jordan earned this prestigious internship by working through the RMU Office of Scholar Development, where one of her professors helped revise her essay and application. 

“I didn’t stop smiling for like an hour after I found out that I got the internship. I was overwhelmed with how awesome it was.” Jordan says.

Back on campus Jordan has a full schedule, competing on the Division I women’s track and field team, being part of the university honors program, picking up a minor in political science, and writing for the school newspaper.

She is glad to be back in Pittsburgh, but looks forward to moving back to Washington D.C. after graduation and continuing to do museum work.

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