Mike's Story

Mike is always outworking his competition. That’s why when JuJu Smith-Schuster needed a personal videographer, Mike’s work stuck out from the rest.


When JuJu Smith-Schuster scores a touchdown for the Steelers, you can bet that every camera will be pointing at the 22-year old wide receiver to catch his signature, over-the-top celebration. But there’s one camera’s vantage point you won’t see on your TV - the camera being held by RMU student Mike Spinos. 

Mike is JuJu’s personal videographer and works with him on all his videos for his popular Youtube and Instagram channels.

“Athletes are starting to have more YouTube channels and for myself it’s made a huge impact on my personality,” says JuJu. “There’s no better way to have a photographer like Mike, who has the same personality, where we can go out and have so much fun and film so many lit videos.”

Mike is studying TV/video production and credits his learning in the classroom for being prepared to take on his experience with JuJu and the NFL. 

“Shout out to RMU because they show you to always be outworking your competition,” says Mike. “So taking the things I’ve learned in the classroom and applying them to real life circumstances really helps.”

In addition to filming and editing JuJu’s videos, Mike works for the NFL, shooting all of the Pittsburgh area NFL events. Check out JuJu’s Youtube channel for the latest of Mike’s work. 

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