Student Success
Robert Morris University
Erin Stoughton - School of Communications and Information Systems

“RMU’s communication skills program sets them apart. That was one of the things that gave me an immediate leg up when I got out into the workforce.”

Erin Stoughton used her education at RMU to rise from serving tables at an Eat’n Park restaurant to shaping the public face of the beloved Pittsburgh company. Working as a server while earning her bachelor’s degree in communication, she landed an internship in the company’s marketing department shortly before graduating in 2004. The company extended her internship until they could find a permanent place on their team.

Once inside, Erin found that RMU’s holistic approach to teaching a broad range of communication skills began to pay off. She credits her training in putting together strong presentations, as well as the public speaking experience she gained, for setting her apart from her contemporaries when looking for career options. In the years that followed, her portfolio of projects grew from developing the company’s emerging brand ambassador program to her current role as director of guest engagement and insight for Eat’n Park Hospitality Group.

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