Businesses & Professionals

Businesses & Professionals

The Covestro Center for Community Engagement helps you do well by doing good. Our programs encourage a balance of company focus areas and individual skills in these important areas of business. Take the next step toward a more purposeful business.

Social Responsibility

  • Applies new talent and skills toward building a strong community and solving social issues
  • Strengthens nonprofit partnerships
  • Builds nonprofit capacity

Workforce Engagement

  • Attracts and retains service-minded workforce by providing opportunities for meaningful service
  • Builds teams for an interconnected workplace
  • Increases morale and purpose

People Development

  • Builds competencies and sharpens professional skills
  • Applies skills in a new context, which builds leadership
  • Builds professional relationships across departments and business units
  • Strengthens leadership skills by applying knowledge and training to concrete situations


  • Stimulates new thinking and approaches to complex challenges
  • Provides opportunities to work in a resource-constrained environment
  • Shifts mindsets and builds new problem solving techniques on the job


  • Builds good will and a strong marketing edge
  • Creates new community relationships


Yong Board

“The experience has given me confidence in my own leadership to embrace new challenges in a different environment. Although the context of challenges may have changed, the principles and ideas that are crucial to success in a business setting have proved to be true in the nonprofit environment.”

-Yong-Gyun Choi, Alcoa