The Covestro Center for Community Engagement helps nonprofits do more good. Our programs offer you opportunities to focus on the following areas of growth and sustainability. Become a nonprofit partner today, and help your community thrive.

Jerry Maccleary

“Nonprofit organizations play as essential a role in healthy, vibrant communities as for-profit organizations do, but are often stretched for human and financial resources. The Covestro Center for Community Engagement seeks to build bonds between nonprofits and corporations to provide those much-needed resources.”
-Jerry MacCleary, Retired Chairman and CEO, Covestro LLC

Attracts New and Diverse Talent

  • Attracts service-minded professionals to your nonprofit
  • Expands leadership from new and connected sources
  • Access new network of support
  • Expands diversity of thinking, ethnicity, nation

Solves Organizational Challenges

  • Recruits new talent and skills toward solving technical or business challenges
  • Shortens long-term to-do lists

Stimulates Innovation

  • Stimulates new thinking and approaches to complex challenges
  • Shifts mindsets and builds new problem solving techniques
  • Builds competencies and sharpens professional skills
  • Finds new opportunities and ways to capitalize on them

Builds Reputation and Relationships

  • Builds good will and a strong marketing edge to the nonprofit
  • Creates new community relationships with professionals and the opportunity for them to be ambassadors for your cause
  • Strengthens business partnerships

Raises Nonprofit Awareness

  • Strengthens knowledge of nonprofit realities and difficulty of social issues
  • Creates deeper understanding and knowledge for a more educated citizenry and donor pool