The Covestro Center for Community Engagement helps nonprofits do more good. Our programs offer you the opportunity to focus on solving problems, growing your organization, and most importantly, sustainability.

All of our programs were built with you in mind. BoardsWork! recruits, trains, and matches new board members to your organization’s board of directors. SkillShare leverages the skills and knowledge of business professionals to help you tackle complex projects. Executive Service Corps harnesses the power of volunteers to aid you in project management and board development.

Jerry Maccleary

“Nonprofit organizations play as essential a role in healthy, vibrant communities as for-profit organizations do, but are often stretched for human and financial resources. The Covestro Center for Community Engagement seeks to build bonds between nonprofits and corporations to provide those much-needed resources.”
-Jerry MacCleary, Retired Chairman and CEO, Covestro LLC

Your organization could…

Attract New and Diverse Talent

  • Attract service-minded professionals to your nonprofit
  • Expand leadership from new and connected sources
  • Access new network of support
  • Expand diversity of thinking, ethnicity, nation

Solve Organizational Challenges

  • Recruit new talent and skills toward solving technical or business challenges
  • Shorten long-term to-do lists

Stimulate Innovation

  • Stimulate new thinking and approaches to complex challenges
  • Shift mindsets and build new problem solving techniques
  • Build competencies and sharpen professional skills
  • Find new opportunities and ways to capitalize on them

Build Reputation and Relationships

  • Build good will and a strong marketing edge to the nonprofit
  • Create new community relationships with professionals and the opportunity for them to be ambassadors for your cause
  • Strengthen business partnerships

Raises Nonprofit Awareness

  • Strengthen knowledge of nonprofit realities and difficulty of social issues
  • Create deeper understanding and knowledge for a more educated citizenry and donor pool

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