Dear Robert Morris University graduates, families, and friends,

We would like to congratulate you on your accomplishments throughout your educational career. Although we will not be celebrating in person this spring, we held a virtual commencement ceremony on Saturday, May 9 at 9:00 AM. You can watch below on our Facebook page.

Please join us as we celebrate all our bachelor's, master's, and doctoral students who are embarking on the next journey of their lives.

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2019-2020 Latin Honors

Summa Cum Laude

  • Alex C.  Minford
  • Alexis Alejandra Adriana Wright
  • Alissa Marie Dickson
  • Allison June Harnsberger
  • Briana Elizabeth Thompson
  • Brittany  Claybaugh
  • Dakota Jean Staley
  • Daniel Francis Pollack
  • Danielle Ann Holmes
  • Emily Rae Bender
  • Eric James Novad
  • Ian Alan Macleod
  • Jacob Grant Savage
  • Jacob Matthew King
  • Jenna Marie Simon
  • Jennifer Janet Ent
  • Jessica Lynn Wesolowsky
  • Jiabi  He
  • Jordan Michelle Redinger
  • Katelyn Mae Adams
  • Katelyn Rebekah Bryant
  • Kayla  Carbert
  • Lauren April Mccrea
  • Lindsay Nicole Fetterman
  • Madison Alana Martinez
  • Margo Patrice Gamble
  • Matthew Mark McGinnis
  • Megan Melina DiNatale
  • Michael Patrick Shanahan
  • Natalie Christina Marcuzzi
  • Nathan James Rosswog
  • Nicholas Anthony Dodds
  • Nicholas Charles Skinner
  • Nora Alexandra Barczak
  • Patrick Michael Moore
  • Rachel Anne Vigna
  • Rachel Elizabeth Roos
  • Samantha Jo Medasie
  • Samuel Moore Harper
  • Sara Adeline Chernicky
  • Sean Michael Giles
  • Shelby Elaine Divoky
  • Taryn Paige Miller
  • Zach Beneke

Magna Cum Laude

  • Aaron James Sawyer
  • Abdulaziz Ibrahim Almarzoog
  • Abigail Rose Walls
  • Adam Christopher Meier
  • Adam Joseph Barkman
  • Alexander Michael Mccarthy
  • Allison Elizabeth Ayers
  • Allison Marie Petrick
  • Andrew Joseph Romanchak
  • Anna  Chasovskaia
  • April Elizabeth Barley
  • Arnold Edison Tressler III
  • Benjamin Elliott Glatz
  • Brian Charles Robinson
  • Briana Leigh Bunner
  • Brittany Marie Bell
  • Brittany Marie Perrotte
  • Carolyn Ann Radnor
  • Cassidy Hope Soboslay
  • Christopher Jeffrey Thierman
  • Christopher John Veitch
  • Conner Clark Mundy
  • Dalton Tanner Faith
  • Daniel Jose Heyer
  • Dante A Todaro
  • David Paul Hahner III
  • Edina  Dudas
  • Elena Ellen Rosenbusch
  • Elizabeth Anne Cottrell
  • Elizabeth Jane Postle
  • Emily Elizabeth Barchey
  • Faisal Fahad Alharbi
  • Grace Santina Kresky
  • Hammam  Sibyani
  • Hanna M Vetovich
  • Hannah Faith Tuel
  • Jacob A Mast
  • Jacqueline  Krakowski
  • Jared Kenneth Groce
  • Jarod Brian Check
  • Jaycee Lee Gebhard
  • Jaydaline Nickolette  Justice
  • Jessica Lee Keller
  • Jessica Ruth Sales
  • Jocelyn Suzanne Guy
  • Joel Christopher Hediger
  • Jordan Christopher  Woomer
  • Jordan Matthew Romain
  • Joshua  Manuel
  • Joshua Manuel Herrera
  • Julia  Flesher
  • Julia Faye Moore
  • Julian Joseph Gregorio
  • Kassidy Jordan Walters
  • Kathlene Ann Yost
  • Lewis William Richardson
  • Mackenzie Ann James
  • Madison Mary Burke
  • Madison Renee Neavin
  • Maggie Jean Brown
  • Maria Calcano
  • Matthew Richard Mckenna
  • Meaghan Marie Berncic
  • Medhesh  Al Qarea
  • Megan  Hibner
  • Mia Marie Williams
  • Miranda L VanKirk
  • Mitchell J Mroczkowski
  • Mohammed Salem Alsuwailem
  • Morgan Elise  Beatty
  • Nicole Renee Eckert
  • Olivia Kathleen Zizak
  • Rachel Jane Devenney
  • Ryan John Adams Jr
  • Sean Patrick Strain
  • Steven David Sabol
  • Sydney Ann Clark
  • Tanner Joseph Orr
  • Taylor Kathleen Priore
  • Taylor Nicole McMahon
  • Turki Nasser Altayyar
  • Tyler Andrew Wilson
  • Tyler Shamus Ratliff
  • Victoria Elizabeth Manfred
  • Zachary Lee Sherman

Cum Laude

  • Abdulaziz Ameen Hazaea
  • Abrar Mubarak Alhejaili
  • Alaina Marie Nugent
  • Alexa Ryan Crider
  • Alexis Nicole Wood
  • Alicia  Bakota
  • Alina Marie Chemini
  • Allison Ann Kowal
  • Angelica Kathleen Bryan
  • Ashley Nicole Jordan
  • Austin Franklin Sims
  • Austin Michael Conn
  • Bradley David Stoyer
  • Brittany Marie Lackovich
  • Brooke Anne Deeter
  • Caitlyn Michele Ross
  • Carson James Kerr
  • Carter Patrick Conroy
  • Celia Jeannette Smith
  • Charles James Bakaj
  • Chelsea JoElle Cerra
  • Christian Eric Mittica
  • Christopher Jason Karpuszka
  • Cliodhna Marie Kerr
  • Cole Thomas Adamrovich
  • Damian Cole Fubio
  • Daniel  Cancino
  • Danielle J Benchoff
  • Deanna Christine Darras
  • Devon William Miller
  • Dhuha Nabil Jan
  • Elizabeth Sarah Legge
  • Elliot Thomas Kabay
  • Emily Marie Baird
  • Eric Alexander Perrault
  • Erykah Kristina Hearn
  • Ethan Gates Conti
  • Ethan Patrick Dempsey
  • Eva Marie Elizabeth Pope
  • Evan Joseph Szejko
  • Evan Ryan Kinney
  • Fares ALI Alkahtani
  • Faris Faleh Albalawi
  • Fawaz Mohamed Alyafee
  • Gavin Matthew Gallaher
  • Hussain Yaseen Alhasan
  • Isabella Grace Paytas
  • Ivanna Ashley  Jones
  • Jacklyn Elena Medvid
  • Jacob Edward Hardy
  • Jenna Cathleen Wagner
  • Jenna Noel Hall
  • Jeremy Ryan  Steffine
  • Jessica Steffey
  • Jessica Lynne Osselborn
  • Jocelyn  Burns
  • John William Jerich
  • Joshua Jeffrey-John Anzelone
  • Justin Adam Jockel
  • Justin Michael Kappert
  • Kacia Bryn Helsel
  • Kalyssa  Pottgeiser
  • Kara Lee Yoder
  • Kara Leigh Blum
  • Kate Daugharthy
  • Kathleen Lynn Hendrickson
  • Kayla Marie McCormick
  • Keith Leroy Akerlind
  • Kimberly Ann Areford
  • Kyle Brigham  Grube
  • Kylie Marie Patterson
  • LaCree Lynn Parrish
  • Lauren Brigitta Licht
  • Luke Christopher Schubert
  • Luke Robert Lynch
  • Mackenzie Marie Ranko
  • Madesyn Leigh Bodenheimer
  • Madison Elizabeth Zombek
  • Maram Abdullah Alharbi
  • Mark  Faller
  • Maxwell Davis Palmer
  • Megan Elizabeth Brzozowski
  • Meicah Kalee  Antoine-Bertrand
  • Melody Dawn Porter
  • Meredith Lynne Charles
  • Micah Christian Kusturiss
  • Michelle L Routh
  • Mohammad Makki Alhakim
  • Naif Ghaith  Alshammari
  • Nicolette  Casarcia
  • Nneka Chizoba Ezeigbo
  • Noah  Firmstone
  • Paige Elizabeth Purificato
  • Paige Marie Luellen
  • Rayan Abdullah  Almusallam
  • Rebecca Elizabeth  Brown
  • Rene Rolando Rodriguez Jr
  • Rene Rolando Rodriguez
  • Ryan Douglas Calhoun
  • Saad Farhan A Alharbi
  • Samsan Eric Needler
  • Samuel Anthony Jenkins
  • Samuel David  King
  • Sarah Corrinne Palermo
  • Sebastian  Diaz
  • Shae Marie Mooney
  • Shahad Ibrahim Almohaimeed
  • Shannon Piper Flanegin
  • Sophia Rose Symanski
  • Stephanie Jean Feldman
  • Steve Paul Petrick
  • Sydney Leigh Holliday
  • Sydni Loran Boehm
  • Taylor Ann Sadauskas
  • Thalia Elise Zolis
  • Todd Robert Smith Jr
  • Tyler David Hudak
  • Tyler Jefferson Lamica
  • Victor Russell Cavataio
  • Wade Hampton Bishop III
  • Yara Ibrahim Almohaimeed
  • Zachary Winfield Rile
  • Zoe Geissler
  • Zoey Lee Petrocelly
Commencement Communications & Information

April 10: RMU Bookstore Communication Regarding Regalia

Dear Robert Morris University Graduates,

First and foremost we would like to congratulate you on your accomplishments throughout your educational career. We understand you may have questions about the process of receiving your regalia.  See below for details:

If you have already paid for your regalia and would like to keep it, you do not have to take any actions at this time.  Orders that were due to be shipped directly to you will be shipped when operations at the manufacture resume as they are currently closed.  Orders that were scheduled to be picked up in the store can either:

 If you have not ordered your regalia and would like to, more information will be forthcoming once the manufacture resumes as they are currently closed.


I apologize that we are not yet able to provide as much information as you would like, or to answer all your questions today. We did, however, want to let you know as soon as possible that this year’s traditional Commencement ceremonies cannot take place.

The Office of Academic Affairs will provide future updates via email regarding Commencement, including procedures for students who wish to return their caps and gowns. We will also post updates to as well as

Once again, I thank you for your patience and the support that you have provided one another.

Dr. Christopher B. Howard

If you have questions or concerns outside of these scenarios, please feel free to reach out to me personally via email at so we can address your individual situation.

Again, congratulations to you.

Silvia Acosta-Carter
Store Manager
Robert Morris University Bookstore

March 18: Second Update on Commencement Plans

Dear students, faculty, and staff:

Earlier today Robert Morris University announced the unfortunate news that the Commencement ceremonies scheduled for May 8-9 would have to be postponed as a result of efforts to slow the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19.) 

Please note that the virtual commencement ceremony we have planned will be in addition to a rescheduled in-person Commencement ceremony and will be completely voluntary. We know that some graduates may not be able to attend a rescheduled ceremony and we want to celebrate their achievements nonetheless. 

As a result of feedback from students, we plan to hold the rescheduled, in-person Commencement ceremony during the Fall 2020 semester. 

We are still working through the details for students who wish to return their cap and gowns. 

As more information is available it will be posted to and

Dr. Christopher

March 18: Important Commencement Update

Dear students, faculty, and staff:

Robert Morris University continues to join organizations and communities around the globe in taking measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). As you know, this is an unprecedented situation that changes daily.

Therefore, the university has made the difficult but necessary decision to cancel the on-ground Commencement ceremonies scheduled to take place May 8-9, 2020. I am very sorry this has to happen, and I can only imagine what a disappointment this must be to our graduating seniors and those preparing to complete master’s and doctoral degrees.

Please know, however, that we will find ways to mark this momentous occasion, for which you continue to work so hard under the most adverse of circumstances. Although details have not been finalized, we intend to celebrate with you in the following ways:

We will conduct a virtual Commencement ceremony that will be live streamed and will recognize every graduate who so chooses. We will mail a souvenir program book to all graduates.