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The M.S. in Engineering Management focuses on the application of engineering principles and prepares graduates to provide leadership in technical environments, synthesizing theory and practice in the design and development of engineering management systems. The flexible curriculum combines high level engineering specialties with financial analysis, system design, and project management skills.

Contact Information

Cesar Poveda, Ph.D. 
Coordinator, MS programs
412-397-4041 phone 

Course Plan


  • ENGR 5010 - Engineering Cost Est. & Financial Analysis
  • ENGR 5020 - Engineering Systems Analysis & Design
  • ENGR 5030 - Project Engineering and Management


  • ENGR 5040 - System Simulation
  • ENGR 5014 - Mgmt. of Engr, Sci & Tech
  • ENGR 6010 - Information & Inventory Control
  • ENGR 6025 - Health and Safety Management
  • ENGR 6040 - Engineering Management Cases
  • ENGR 6060 - Global Engineering Management
  • ENGR 6070 - Engineering Proposal Development
  • ENGR 6080 - Exper Methods for Engineering Mgmt.
  • ENGR 6090 - Lean Manufacturing

Sample Courses:

These are some of the classes for students in this academic program:

Engineering Cost Estimation & Financial Analysis
Engineering Systems Analysis & Design
Project Engineering & Management

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