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The M.S. in Engineering Management degree program cultivates essential skills for managing people and resources and providing leadership in engineering and technical environments. Through the application of engineering principles, the flexible curriculum synthesizes theory and practice in the design and development of engineering management systems. It combines high-level engineering specialties with financial analysis, system design, and project management skills.

The program is designed for experienced, mid-level, and ambitious junior-level engineers as well as practitioners in other fields who wish to develop their leaderships abilities for an engineering work environment. The program places its emphasis on building proficiency in decision-making, technical, management, and communication skills.

The 2020 median salary for engineering managers is just under $150,000, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and their job prospects are projected to grow through 2030. Investment in your career through earning an M.S. in Engineering Management creates a path to increased responsibilities and the rewards that come with a higher position.

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Dr. Jameela Aljaroodi
Coordinator, MS programs

Course Plan


  • ENGR5010 - Engineering Cost Est. & Financial Analysis
  • ENGR5020 - Engineering Systems Analysis & Design
  • ENGR5030 - Project Engineering and Management


  • ENGR5040 - System Simulation
  • ENGR5014 - Mgmt. of Engr, Sci & Tech
  • ENGR6010 - Information & Inventory Control
  • ENGR6025 - Health and Safety Management
  • ENGR6040 - Engineering Management Cases
  • ENGR6060 - Global Engineering Management
  • ENGR6070 - Engineering Proposal Development
  • ENGR6080 - Exper Methods for Engineering Mgmt.
  • ENGR6090 - Lean Manufacturing

Sample Courses:

These are some of the classes for students in this academic program:

Engineering Cost Estimation & Financial Analysis
Engineering Systems Analysis & Design
Project Engineering & Management

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