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School of Engineering, Mathematics and Science
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School of Engineering, Mathematics and Science

Michael Gasdick ‘23

Meet Michael Gasdick ‘23

Michael graduated this May with a bachelor of science in biology. Now he will be obtaining his masters and doctorate in horticulture and crop sciences at Michigan State University!

Last summer, Michael worked as a plant genomics REU intern at Michigan State.

Ryley Danielson '23

Meet Ryley Danielson '23

Ryley graduated from RMU this May with a bachelor of science in engineering. Now, he is working full-time as an Entry Level Software Engineer at Bettis Atomic Power Lab in West Mifflin.

"One of the big things that myself and many of the friends that I made here at RMU contributed to the school was a robotics project. The project has allowed me to come up with ways to go through very challenging situations and I have grown in ways that otherwise would not have been possible without the can-do spirit that the school instills in you.

Computer Science B.S.

Are you ready to be a part of the AI and Robotics revolution?

Our Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program is designed to help you to not just keep up with the evolving world of technology, but to lead it. As industries grow and change, so will you.

Our innovative program has been carefully crafted to satisfy the growing need for adept computing professionals, providing you with a top-tier education geared towards the future. As we bridge the gap between the traditional and the contemporary, we stand at the forefront of an industry that’s shaping our world. 

Environmental Epidemiology

The undergraduate level certificate program in Environmental Epidemiology is designed to give you a strong understanding of the role of science and the environment in the field of public health. Our health and the environment are intertwined, and epidemiology makes a special contribution to environmental health through its focus on entire populations and by its use of descriptive and analytical methodologies. Epidemiologists study the causes of diseases and health-related states in specific populations, from neighborhoods to nations.


The undergraduate level certificate program in Nutrition is beneficial for multiple populations and will provide a better sense of the importance of nutrition education. The online program is ideal to reach both traditional and nontraditional students while continuing the growth of technology-based education. Program courses are built on science-based nutrition education to provide a foundation in nutrition and dietetic science. The courses are a blend of nutrition-based courses as well as complimentary courses to enhance the overall understanding of how nutrition relates to science.