Alternative Delivery Methods FAQs

How can I create a Narrated PPT?

The University provides very good instructions on our website for how to narrate PowerPoint slides.  Use this link to access the instructions: On this webpage, scroll down a bit and click on "Creating Narrated PowerPoint Presentations."

Where can I find instruction on using Blackboard?

Again the RMU web cite provides a set of tutorials that will help you set up your BB Shell at . You can also set up a time to meet with a consultant from RMUO or from the CIT to discuss different options to assist you in transitioning your traditional f2f classes to BB with different instructional design and pedagogical opportunities.

The CIT has developed a Faculty Development BB Shell  Center for Innovative Teaching Organization that provides information on a variety of online teaching and learning opportunities and online testing options.  Please go to your Blackboard course list and look for Center for Innovative Teaching Organization.  If it does not show up in your list, please email Dr. Richard Fuller and he will add you to the course.

How can I help my students who are not as familiar with Blackboard?

You can refer your students to the student tutorial and support at for more information. 

How do I set up Google Hangout Meeting?

A set of instructions was developed by RMU IT Department, and is available at:

An alternative set of instructions with a few more explanatory steps can be found in Appendix A of this document.

Full Google support with extensive online instructions for using Hangouts can be found at:

Can I use Google Hangout for Direct Instruction, lecture and interaction?

The answer is yes. You can easily interact with your students in real time.  There is a full set of instructions for setting up a Google Hangout Meet at : and a set of Online Video Conferencing Classroom Management Tips that should provide you with the tools to use Google Hangout Meet to teach in real time. 

How can I invite my class to my Google Hangout Meeting?

You can copy a class roster to your Google Calendar event as you set up your Google Hangout Meeting. Go to your course roster in Sentry. At the top in a yellow band you will see Generate Gmail Roster Groups File, Click this and download your roster in CSV file format, Open the file.  Student emails should be in column "F." Select from the first email address and drag all the way down.  Copy Selection. In Google Calendar Create your Google Hangouts session and paste emails in the Guests field and then simply complete Hangouts session setup. 

Another method is to open your course roster in Sentry and then highlight the entire page of student information, right click and copy then paste into an Excel spreadsheet, highlight the email listing column and copy and paste into the Add Invitees area and hit return. This will add the class to the list then click save and then invite on the pop up. 

Can I share my PPT slide on Google Hangout?

Yes, once you are in a session you can use the Present Now function on the lower right menu bar and Present Entire Screen.  A menu bar will drop down and you can click on Entire Screen which will allow you to show any document, PPT presentation, web site etc. that you want to demonstrate to students in your session.  It is recommended that you open any files before you share your screen. 

Can I use Google Hangouts to create a video of me teaching a lesson or demonstrating a skill? 

Yes, using the record function, you can record a video using your computer or your phone (if you have the Google Hangout Meet App). When you are finished, Google will automatically create a video, save it to your Google Share Drive and provide you a link to share with your students as you wish.

Can I set up my exams online?

Yes, you can set up exams online through Blackboard.  You can find a full set of instructions at For other test security options, Respondus has provided additional information and full instructions which can be found at

Can I set up test security in an online exam?

There are some obvious limitations but yes, there are some options such as establishing timed tests and using more essay type questions or designing tests more like the old “take home tests” that require students to analyze and synthesize information.  There are also some options using Respondus.  A full set of instructions and ideas can be found under

For example, to prevent students from using web browsers during exams, a feature of Respondus allows the instructor to “lock down” student use of other windows (including browsers) during an exam.  Using the link above, scroll down a bit and click on “Setting Up LockDown Browser.”

Can I use remote proctoring Software for test security?

The university does not have remote proctoring software. The IT department is recommending to remote proctor your exams there is a work around option that could be done with either with Bb or ExamSoft. It requires 2 devices for each user. 1 computer to take the exam and 1 device that can connect to Google Hangouts. It also has to be done synchronous. You would administer the exam via Bb with Respondus or Examsoft in secure mode at a set date and time. You'd also create a Google Hangouts session at the same time. Students would sign in to the Google Hangout session with their web camera on. Once on, the faculty can see their area. Students will need to show themselves to ensure it is them taking the exam, show their work area and surrounding area to ensure no other items are on their work area or around it, and then will prop up the camera to remain on and fixed on the student and their work area. The feed stays on throughout the exam so the faculty can see each student on their screen. Then you can proctor them.

If you'd like help with either of those options, please let IT or CIT know and we can help you.

Is there a video I can watch on how to use Google Hangout Meets to replace my face to face classes?

Yes, there is a video that will walk you through how to set up and present during your Google Hangout Meets class session and aPPT presentation that discusses the Online Video Conferencing Classroom Management Tips .  Click on the link:

How do I take attendance in my Google Hangout Meets or through BB Collaborate?

When using Google Hangouts, there is no electronic method to capture attendance.  Use the same methods that you use during your face to face classes.  You can use a roster that you can check off and keep attendance and then record to a spreadsheet or other method you traditional use and then you can record to your Colonial Navigate.  When using BB Collaborate Ultra, you can use the same methods as above. 

How can I know when and how often students are accessing information in my online courses?

When using Blackboard asynchronously, you can track students usage through the Data Analytics under Course Management through Evaluation in either the Performance Dashboard or by generating a variety of different reports under Course Reports. 

How can I assist my students to learn how to use Google Hangout Meets?

You can refer your students to the Student Instructions for Google Hangout Meets.

How can I take attendance in my online synchronous and asynchronous sessions?

There is no electronic method that will automatically take attendance when teaching through synchronous or asynchronous modalities. When teaching a synchronous class you will need to take a manual attendance as you would during a face to face class meeting.  If you wish to have a sign in record, you can record the Google Hangout Meets session and have everyone respond as present in the chat. Google provides a text record of what is written in the chat during the recording, however you will need to record the attendance in EAB and whatever other tools you use.

When instructing asynchronous classes in Blackboard you can utilize the course reports and Performance Dashboard as well as Discussion Board participation to check student log ins and participation and then record appropriately in EAB and your other tools. The decision as to what counts as a missed class or online session is generally up to the instructor as long as it’s logical, consistent and the students are aware of the requirements up front.  There is a bit more latitude for instructors in the area of asynchronous teaching. For the students it can't be arbitrary and inconsistent in design but very clear upfront as to the instructor’s expectations. 

For any other questions, please feel free to contact the CIT, RMUO or the Help Desk.

Appendix A

A.  Instructions to set up a Google Hangouts Meet session at some future date using Google Calendar: 

  • Go to Google Calendar and create an event by clicking the  button in the upper left corner of the calendar. 
  • When the dialog box opens, click on More options (next to the Save button).
  • Enter a meaningful meeting title where it indicates Add title.
  • Set the date and time for the meeting, as you would for scheduling any event.
  • Click on the Add guests tab just below where you entered the date and time, and there enter the email address of the first person you are inviting.  Continue this process to enter the remaining email addresses of those you are inviting.
  • After entering the last email addresses of all you are inviting, click on More options (next to the Save button).
  • Under Guest permissions, make sure that Modify event is unchecked, Invite others is unchecked, and See guest list is checked. 
  • Click Add Conferencing, and then click on Hangouts Meet.
  • Click the  button in the upper right.
  • Click Send to send the invites.
  • Click Invite external guests in the pop up dialog box (assuming that one or more of your guests are outside RMU).

B.   Instructions to set up a one-time Google Hangouts Meet ad-hoc session (at the present time), such as with a student or colleague:

  • In a web browser, enter
  • Click  + join or start a meeting
  • Enter a meeting nickname, or leave blank … , then click Continue
  • Click Join Now
  • To add someone to a meeting, choose one of the following two options:
    • Click joining info (which puts the meeting details onto the clipboard), and then paste those meeting details into an email message or another app to send to participants … or …
    • Click Add people, and choose one of the following two options:
  • Click +Invite, and then enter an email address, press the Enter key, and then click Send invite.
  • Click CallCall, and then enter a phone number.  Next, click .