Arts and Humanities Professors Andrew Ames and Tim Jones Win Animation Grant

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Congratulations to Professor Andrew Ames and Dr. Tim Jones! Their project titled "Reframing Materials: Best Practices for Inclusive and Accessible Learning in an Interdisciplinary Animation Lab” won a one-year grant of $3,244 from the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Educators Forum. In their winning animation project Professor Ames and Dr. Jones will identify key animation technologies and workflows in the Stop-motion and Projection Mapping labs.

On receiving the news on their winning grant, Professor Ames shared, “I’m honored and excited to have the opportunity and resources to make animation and projection mapping more accessible to our students and faculty both inside and outside of media arts.“

Dr. Jones added, “We are honored by the opportunity to work with The International Animated Film Society, ASIFA-Hollywood, a driving force in animation education, appreciation, and preservation. In the Department of Arts and Humanities and at the AMC we are extremely proud of our hand-on animation facilities and excited to explore best practices to make these truly inclusive and available to learners across creative disciplines and careers."

Professor Ames, M.F.A., is Associate Professor of Media Arts, and Dr. Tim Jones is Assistant Professor of Media Arts at the Department of Arts and Humanities at the School of Informatics, Humanities and Social Sciences. Dr. Jones is also Director of the University’s Academic Media Center.

The International Animated Film Society ASIFA-Hollywood is a non-profit organization in California which supports and encourages animation education. It also hosts the annual Annie Awards which recognize excellence in animation, currently in 36 different categories.

Congratulations to Professor Ames and Dr. Jones from the School of Informatics, Humanities and Social Sciences on their grant!