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The B.A. in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations prepares students for careers focused on the identification, cultivation, management, maintenance, and evaluation of professional relationships using various communication strategies under both ideal and crisis settings. Students take courses focusing on the foundational, ethical, and legal environments of PR, strategy and messaging developments, and the creation and execution of campaigns.

Graduates go on to careers in corporate, nonprofit, educational, government, and agency settings. Jobs include PR specialist, copywriter, marketing coordinator, fundraiser, corporate spokesperson, and events coordinator.

Contact Information

Anthony Moretti
Department Head
Wheatley Center 215

4-Year Course Plan

Freshman Year, Fall

  • CSEN1010 Reading/Writing Strat
  • COMM2100 Found in Strat Comm
  • MATH1050 Math Reasoning
  • PSYC1010 General Psychology
  • Natural Science Elective

Freshman Year, Spring

  • CSEN1020 Argument & Research
  • COMM2000 Foundations in PR
  • INFS1020 Intro to Decision Support
  • SOCI1010 Principles of Sociology
  • Open Elective-Minor

Sophomore Year, Fall

  • CSCM1030 Public Speaking
  • COMM2015 Found of Adv
  • JRNL 2015 Found of JRNL
  • ELIT: Literature Elective
  • COMM2040 Applied Storytelling

Sophomore Year, Spring

  • CSCM2040 Professional Comm
  • HIST or POLS science elective
  • COMM3301: Writing for PR & ADV
  • ARTM2020 Digital Imaging or PR
  • Open Elective-Minor

Junior Year, Fall

  • COMM3950 Research Methods
  • COMM3030 Writing for Global Mrktpc
  • COMM2020 Interpersonal Comm
  • HUMA1010 Humanities Art/Music
  • Open Elective-Minor

Junior Year, Spring

  • COMM4060 Comm Seminar
  • COMM4030 Global PR
  • ECON1010 Economics
  • ARTM3300 Digital Photo, ARTM2210 Web D or Comm course
  • Open Elective

Senior Year, Fall

  • COMM4090 PR Campaigns
  • COMM Elective
  • COMM Elective
  • Open Elective
  • Open Elective-Minor

Senior Year, Spring

  • COMM Elective,
  • Open Elective-Internship
  • Open Elective-Minor
  • Open Elective
  • Open Elective

Sample Courses:

These are some of the classes for students in this academic program:

Risk and Crisis Communications
Social Media & Public Relations
Management Technology & Content Creation
Major Credits
Communications, English, Journalism
Core Credits
Communication Skills, Economics, Humanities, History, Sciences, etc.
Elective Credits

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School of Informatics, Humanities and Social Sciences

School of Informatics, Humanities and Social Sciences

Focus on delivering information in a way that makes an impact. Create images that capture attention, compose words that inspire, and design technology that changes how we live.

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