Student Success
Robert Morris University
Alana Hiner - School of Communications and Information Systems

“I came to RMU for data analytics because it’s a field that can transform every industry.”

The world of big data is quickly growing into a universe, and ALANA HINER has already helped it along. First attracted to the field because of the seemingly limitless possibilities it offered, Alana has used what she learned as a data analytics major to help change how her school operates.

Alana collected data on freshman orientation to help RMU administrators better match the events they plan to the students they serve, tracking participation rates and correlating them with students’ other interests. Her work was so informative that the provost asked Alana to present her findings at the quarterly meeting of the university’s Board of Trustees. Now working as a data analyst at the drug company Mylan, Alana prepared for her career with three internships — enterprise analytics at UPMC, sales analysis at Black Box, and business intelligence at ServiceLink. Each position brought Hiner into contact with a different aspect of the collection, analysis, and use of vast amounts of data.

More Testimonials

“Knowing that I have the opportunity now financially to give back and make a difference for a student means the world to me, because I was in that position once too as a student.”

“My dissertation literally paid off. I hadn’t even finished writing the thing when I was called and they asked if I wanted the job.”