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Are you ready to be a part of the AI and Robotics revolution?

Our Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program is designed to help you to not just keep up with the evolving world of technology, but to lead it. As industries grow and change, so will you.

Our innovative program has been carefully crafted to satisfy the growing need for adept computing professionals, providing you with a top-tier education geared towards the future. As we bridge the gap between the traditional and the contemporary, we stand at the forefront of an industry that’s shaping our world. 

Balancing Fundamentals and the Future

The heart of our program lies in the delicate balance of fundamental computing theories and hands-on practical skills. We believe in shaping computing professionals who understand the roots of their field while being proficient in programming, systems design, and development.

Our students will embark on a rigorous, intensive journey, preparing them for a diverse range of computing jobs. From the foundations of computer science to the complex world of AI and Robotics, every step you take with us will be a leap towards the future.

Curated for the Curious

Our expansive curriculum offers a unique feature: 18 credit hours of electives. This allows our program to adapt and evolve alongside technology, consistently reflecting current industry demands and future trends. Whether it’s manufacturing, healthcare, smart systems, or chip design, our electives serve as the gateway to these exciting industries.

Serious About Your Success

Here are some of the transformative outcomes you can expect:

  1. Master computing knowledge and principles to identify, analyze, and solve complex problems.
  2. Apply computing, algorithmic, and mathematical principles to design effective computational solutions.
  3. Communicate computing knowledge with diverse audiences, showcasing professionalism and ethical responsibility.
  4. Work effectively as a leader or member of diverse, collaborative teams.
  5. Apply computer science theories and fundamental software development principles proficiently to create efficient computer-based systems and products.

Admissions Requirements & How to Apply

  • Minimum GPA 3.25 out of 4.00 (83% if school uses percentile)
  • Minimum B in Trig and Pre-Calculus (80% in math courses if school uses percentile in the last 2 years in high school)
  • Strong high school math and science background
  • For international students:
    • Minimum TOEFL score 550 (PBT) and no category under 300, or 65 (IBT) and no category under 35, or minimum 5.5 IELTS score
  • For transfer students:
    • Cumulative 3.0 grade point average from colleges attended
    • B grade or better in all college level math and computer programming courses
    • Students with less than 30 earned college credits must also provide a high school transcript

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Course Plan

Freshman Year, Fall

  • Calculus w/Analytic Geometry I
  • Survey of Economics
  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • Humanities: Art & Music
  • Intercultural Communications/Reading & Writing Strategies

Freshman Year, Spring

  • Calculus w/Analytic Geometry II
  • General Physics I with lab
  • Argument & Research
  • Programming

Sophomore Year, Fall

  • Advanced Programming
  • General Physics II with lab
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Public Speaking & Persuasion
  • General Psychology

Sophomore Year, Spring

  • Data Structure and Algorithms
  • Fundamentals of Software Engineering
  • Professional Communication in Workplace
  • Probability and Math Statistics
  • Reading Literature: Coming of Age or similar

Junior Year, Fall

  • Algorithms Design and Analysis
  • Operating Systems
  • Computer Networking
  • U.S. History I or similar
  • CS Elective

Junior Year, Spring

  • Computer Architecture for Software Engineers
  • Computing Theory and Complier
  • Database Management System
  • Linear Algebra w/ Applications
  • CS Elective

Senior Year, Fall

  • Intelligent Systems and Automation
  • Distributed Systems Implementation
  • Special Topics in Computer Science
  • CS Elective
  • CS Elective
  • Computer Science Capstone I 

Senior Year, Spring

  • CS Elective
  • CS Elective
  • Computer Science Capstone II
  • Contemporary Social Problems or similar
Scholarships, Professional Opportunities & Student Organizations

Scholarships, internships and professional opportunities are available throughout the program.

Sample Courses:

These are some of the classes for students in this academic program:

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Core Credits
Elective Credits

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School of Data Intelligence and Technology

School of Data Intelligence and Technology

In the School of Data Intelligence & Technology, students are immersed in cutting-edge programs that prepare them for careers in a variety of rapidly evolving fields. 

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