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Junior Achievement Scholarship

RMU and Junior Achievement of Western Pennsylvania will award a $2,000 annual scholarship to any student who enrolls at RMU and participated in JA programs at either the junior high or senior high school level. This scholarship is made possible in part through a gift from Chick-fil-A.

NEED Scholarship

RMU in partnership with the NEED Foundation has established the RMU NEED scholarship fund. With this scholarship, RMU hopes to assist low-income, African American students from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with funding for their education. This scholarship will be awarded to students who demonstrate unmet need when all other aid, grants and scholarships have been exhausted.

Colonial Success Fund (ISA)

For nearly a century, Robert Morris University has been the place where strivers, drivers, and doers go to get the education and experience they need to launch great careers and great lives. The Colonial Success Fund uses an innovative college financing tool called an income share agreement (ISA) to help make college more affordable for our students by reducing the amount of traditional student loan debt they need in order to fund their education. 

Highmark Scholarship

Both Highmark and Robert Morris University are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment.  To this end, Highmark has provided an endowment to fund a $25,000 per year Scholarship for an incoming RMU actuarial science student.  The recipient of this award will be from an underrepresented group and/or demonstrate commitment to empowering members of underrepresented groups, combating stereotypes, and enabling others to better understand persons of different races, ethnicities or other traits. 

The scholarship is renewable for up to four years, provided the recipient remains in good standing.  In addition, recipients of this scholarship are guaranteed to receive an internship offer from Highmark prior to their junior or senior year of study at RMU.

The Pittsburgh Promise

RMU is a proud member of the Pittsburgh Promise Preferred College Partners Program. We provide full-time students receiving the Pittsburgh Promise scholarship with an additional award of $5,000 per year, called the RMU Pittsburgh Public Schools Scholarship. Like the Pittsburgh Promise scholarship, RMU’s additional award is renewable for four years.

All Promise Scholars at RMU are assigned a dedicated counselor in the Center for Student Success. The Center for Student Success provides academic support, one-on-one personal guidance, and undergraduate leadership opportunities to help students be engaged in campus life, succeed in their studies, and graduate on time.

J.R. McCartan Sr. Endowed Scholarship in Accounting

J.R. "Jack" McCartan devoted his life and career to the support and growth of educational institutions and organizations in the region. The McCartan family supports this with the creation of a scholarship for incoming accounting students with a cumulative high school GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Legacy Scholarship

Incoming, full time, undergraduate freshman and transfer students who have a family member that graduated from RMU, may qualify for a $1000 legacy award. Family member includes:

  • Parent or Step parent
  • Grandparent
  • Sibling
  • Aunt or Uncle

Students must study in an on ground degree program and maintain satisfactory academic progress. The award is renewable each fall and spring for a total of 8 semesters.