The School of Education & Social Sciences prepares students for impactful careers in education, public service, and social sciences.

School of Education and Social Sciences
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School of Education and Social Sciences

Education M.S. with Principal Certification

Students pursuing Principal Certification at RMU have the unique opportunity to earn a Master of Science in Education degree concurrently.

Here is how our program is designed to enhance your educational leadership journey:

Dual Credentials for Enhanced Career Prospects

The Master of Science in Education with Principal Certification allows students to seamlessly integrate their principal certification coursework with a master’s degree. This dual credential enhances your qualifications and positions you for advanced leadership roles in education.

History and Political Science B.A.

Robert Morris University offers a comprehensive, unique degree specializing in historical analysis and political science. This program is designed to provide students with the tools to professionally impact and help guide those decisions. When today’s graduates want to impact the world around them, studying history, political science, and ethics provides a strong foundation for multiple career paths.