Facilities Management

Plan • Design • Build • Maintain • Serve

Welcome to facilities management. Our goal is to provide you excellence in planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance for facilities, grounds, and utilities.  We maintain 44 university buildings230 acres and provide service to 1.6 million square feet of space.  Please navigate through our site using the links on the left to learn more about facilities management and the services we provide.

RMU ChapelWe are comprised of more than 50 individuals (administrative staff, skilled union trades and education support professionals) with a wide range of expertise and backgrounds that include, but are not limited to: engineering, safety, hospitality, administrative, accounting, finance, construction, interior design, project/contract management, housekeeping, and landscaping.

To enhance the business operations and mission of RMU, our team contributes around the clock to provide a safe and reliable place to work, teach, and live, support marketing efforts to attract students through campus aesthetics and cleanliness, and provide creative and cost-effective solutions for new buildings.

Message from the Vice President

Perry F. RoofnerWelcome to Robert Morris University’s department of Facilities Management. The purpose of this website is to inform you about our organization, the services we offer and provide awareness regarding any changes to the campus infrastructure. We are committed to providing a safe, reliable, clean, and aesthetically pleasing campus for our students, faculty, staff, and visitors at all times.

We are comprised of more than 50 employees who maintain 44 university buildings and 230 acres and provide service to 1.6 million square feet of space across 5 sites. Our department, which is organized in three functional areas, is committed to superior customer service, and our teams work every day to support the university's strategic plan.  To learn more about our organization and the services we offer, please visit the links on the left.

I encourage and appreciate your feedback regarding the services we provide. Please do not to hesitate to call 412-397-4343 or email colonialcentral@rmu.edu to help us identify opportunities where we can better meet your needs.


Perry F. Roofner, B.S.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide exceptional customer service to our students, faculty, staff, and visitors. We are committed to providing a safe, reliable, clean, and aesthetically pleasing campus at all times. We strive to continually enhance and improve the existing environment and oversee the university’s comprehensive master plan.  

Maintaining the preservation of the Moon Township campus, Island Sports Center & Yorktown properties requires extensive coordination from our experienced staff from the following departments:

  • Maintenance & Plant Engineering
    • Maintenance, Operations and Environmental Services
  • Strategic Sourcing and Operations
    • Business Operations, Contract Management and Purchasing
  • Capital Projects and Safety
    • Safety @ RMU, Key/Access and Grounds
Colonial Central
Colonial Central is designed to be your one-stop-shop for all things Robert Morris.

Clogged toilets, broken air conditioners, shuttle schedules, sporting events, university information -  You name it, we've got you covered.

Key Functions:

  • 24/7 Call Center 
  • Issue work announcements for planned maintenance activities
  • Monitor computer systems for alarms and similar operating conditions (temperatures) within buildings
  • Administer contractor visits by serving as the check-in point for vendors including sign-in, visitor badges, and appropriate access rights
Call 24/7: 412-397-4343
Safety At RMU

Safety @ RMU is dedicated to providing a safe, functional and supportive environment. The safety process has been designed to provide a physical environment free of recognized hazards; manage staff activities to reduce the risk of injuries; and ultimately preserve the safety of everyone at the university.

Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing, RMU’s Procurement team will serve, support, and collaborate with internal and external customers to deliver value, mitigate risk, and streamline processes in support of the University’s goals and initiatives.


While the RMU campus, which includes 44 buildings on more than 230 acres, is our core focus—another signature strength includes personal, warm, professional service to you—every moment of every day, you can depend on us.

If you are experiencing a facilities related issue or just have questions reach out anytime (day or night—365 days a year) to Colonial Central by calling (412)397-4343.

Our Facilities Operations Assistants are able to quickly answer and resolve:

  • General Questions
  • Lockouts
  • HVAC Issues
  • Broken Appliances
  • Plumbing Problems
  • Cleaning or Maintenance Issues
  • and More!

Your concerns are our concerns.

If you have a true emergency or security concern please call Campus Police immediately at (412)397-2424.