Elaine Boyd Library

Library Announcements


We have some new employees around the Elaine Boyd Library, and I want to introduce them to you.

Firstly, Laura Zottola has joined us in a full-time staff role, Technical Services and Circulation Specialist. You'll see Laura at the desk often, and her helpful presence will cheer you. She has only been here since the beginning of January, but it feels like she has been working here ALMOST as long as I have! Laura will be your go-to for questions about EZ-Borrow as well as public service. She also serves in our mission critical, back of the house activities in cataloging. 

Erin Chalovich is a part-time staff member, making sure everything is going alright around here when the our full-time people aren't around. We depend on her for vital desk work out front. Look for her shining face in the evenings. 

We also have two recent hires among our student workers, Angela Chambers, and Marissa McKenna-Santore. If you haven't seen them yet, you soon will. 

And let me take this moment to just say how much I personally appreciate of our staff and student workers! This is a fabulous crew, who offer excellent service and perform their critical library desk work with aplomb! Elaine Boyd Library would be less without their consistent efforts. GO TEAM!