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The M.S. in Organizational Leadership provides the analytical and practical skills necessary to effectively participate in a wide range of society's organizations. Focusing on the theories and strategies of leadership, conflict negotiation, critical thinking, and ethics and change, as well as managing information and technology, and analyzing human behavior in cultural contexts, students learn how leaders motivate others and why others choose to follow them.

Contact Information

Petros Malakyan
Department Head
412-397-6302 phone
Wheatley Center 211

Course Plan

Year 1 - Fall Semester

  • ORGL 6000 Foundations of Leadership & Followership (online & hybrid)
  • Research Methods for Organizational Leadership (online)
  • Leadership & Ethics (hybrid & online)

Year 1 - Spring Semester

  • ORGL 6300 Leadership & Communication (hybrid & online)
  • ORGL 6800 Organizational Change (hybrid & online)
  • ORGL 6850 Elective Group Dynamics & Interpersonal Relations (hybrid)

Year 1 - Summer Semester

  • Optional

Year 2 - Fall Semester

  • ORGL 6400 Elective Employment Laws & Practices in Organizations (online)
  • ORGL 6600 Decision Making in Organizations (online)
  • ORGL 6700 Organizational Behavior (online)
  • ORGL 6750 Elective Conflict Resolution (online)

Year 2 - Spring Semester

  • ORGL 6950 Elective Global Perspectives ((hybrid & online)
  • ORGL 7000 Organizational Leadership Capstone (online & hybrid)

Year 2 - Summer Semester

  • Optional

Sample Courses:

These are some of the classes for students in this academic program:

Foundations of Leadership & Followership
Leadership & Ethics
Group Dynamics & Interpersonal Relationships

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School of Informatics, Humanities and Social Sciences

School of Informatics, Humanities and Social Sciences

Focus on delivering information in a way that makes an impact. Create images that capture attention, compose words that inspire, and design technology that changes how we live.

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