Snee-Reinhardt Media Arts House

Snee-Reinhardt House for Media Arts


Located in RMU’s Colonial Village, the Snee-Reinhardt House for Media Arts features facilities for visiting artists and scholars that include a spacious, private one-bedroom apartment with kitchen on the upper level, a multipurpose work area on the main floor, and a high-definition 20-seat screening facility on the lower level.  

The Snee-Reinhardt Charitable Foundation, established in 1983 by Katherine Snee, provides aid to organizations who strive to serve the community by improving social conditions. Christina Treadwell ‘91, a member of the foundation’s Board of Directors and RMU’s Board of Visitors, was instrumental in making this new facility a reality.

“We wanted to make sure it benefitted the students and benefitted the school’s curriculum,” she said. “I am so humbly honored to be a part of this and to be able to put into action the knowledge that I gained right here at RMU.”