SET Domain: Transcultural/Global Experiences

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Domain Description

The goal of this domain is to encourage and assist students to interact with a wide variety of people from culturally diverse backgrounds. By understanding and appreciating other cultures, students will be better prepared for the culturally diverse workforce, of which they will be a part after graduation.

To achieve this goal, students are encouraged to participate in the out-of-class learning that will immerse them in a culture other than their own. This immersion will help the student understand the social, political, spiritual, cultural, economic and environmental aspects of that part of the world. Students are encouraged to present their experience, at their discretion, in conjunction with the sponsoring mentor and the Center for Global Engagement (CGE).

Examples and Criteria

Examples of activities that satisfy this category include:

Study Abroad:

  • Study abroad for a semester, summer, or on a Faculty-Led Education Abroad Program (FLEAP)
  • A capstone project for international students completing their entire degree in the US

On-Campus Opportunities through the Center for Global Engagement:

Progress from the former Global Village (VISA) and Virtual World Series programs has been transferred to the new Global Explorers Program!

Getting SET Approval

Students who participate in activities that are coordinated by the CGE, such as the Global Ambassador Program, Global Explorers, or a study abroad experience, can complete the Transcultural/Global Experience category with approval by an authorized CGE staff member.

Please note that to receive SET approval for a Transcultural/Global Experience activity, students do not submit the activity through their Sentry Secured Services account as they would for other SET Domains. Upon completion of one of the Transcultural/Global Experience activities listed above, an authorized CGE staff member will submit the activity to the Student Experience Office on the student’s behalf to be updated on the student’s Student Engagement Transcript.

International students enrolled at RMU who have completed a comprehensive reflection piece for a capstone project coordinated with a member of the CGE may submit the activity to for review.

Approval for independent Transcultural/Global experiences will be handled on a case-by-case basis, coordinated through the Student Experience Office and the Center for Global Engagement before the independent experience takes place.