Student Success
Robert Morris University
Taylor Miller - School and Education and Social Sciences

“I chose RMU because I wanted a stepping stone into something great. And I’ve gotten that.”

Being in the honors program at RMU meant more than just interesting classes and research opportunities for Taylor Miller. It also meant her honors professor helped her to draft her law school applications. Taylor credits that editing help with her getting a full tuition scholarship to Villanova Law School, where she is enrolled now.

Taylor followed her big brother Jason to RMU. His experience was much different: Jason was an online student, doing his coursework while serving as a Marine in Iraq. For Taylor, who majored in psychology, RMU’s green campus and active student life were also part of the appeal. She jumped in with both feet her first semester, joining a sorority and volunteering. In four years, Taylor squeezed in a lot — including a semester in Paris and three internships. Working for a congressman, in a county courthouse, and at a nonprofit organization providing school supplies to children helped solidify her career plans to one day open her own law firm focused on children’s rights.

More Testimonials

“I knew RMU would be the perfect fit for me to build upon the skills I learned in the Marine Corps.” 

“When we were trying to navigate the process of opening a practice, RMU faculty offered a lot of support and guidance. Psychiatry is a small community where we all know one another and a lot of the colleagues we know teach at RMU, so it is a blended community in that way.”