Robert Morris University offers two types of printing options: on-campus printing and wireless printing. Printers are located in centralized printing areas and computer labs throughout campus.

How Printing Works

Every RMU student is allotted $30 per semester for printing at RMU printers on campus.
Printing to an RMU printer is a two-step process:

  1. First, you print from your application as usual, selecting an RMU printer.
  2. Second, you use the Pharos print station that's next to the RMU printer to release your print job.

No losing printouts! RMU printers and release stations are located in every lab on campus, as well as the Library and Hale Center Cafe. The Library has both color and black & white printers.

To print on campus you will need to know your username (ex. abcst99) and your password that you used to log onto RMU computers. For more information on how to use the networked printer / copier / scanners, please visit:


Printing Costs
Black/White: $0.03/sheet
Color: $0.10/sheet


Need more money to print? Contact Student Financial Services to add money to your account.