The RMU voicemail system is called Colonial Mail. Instructions on how to use it can be found below. New users should be sure to change their voicemail password immediately after their first login to the system.

Colonial Mail (Voice Mail) Quick Reference Guide

The voice mail number is 412-397-6950 or x6950. Press 1 for new / old messages.

Begins playing chosen messages, then presents mailbox menu. 

Press 2 to change folders.

"Enter number of folder to change to:"

0) new
1) old
2) work
3) family
4) friends
# cancels folder change

Press 3 for advanced options.

(The following options will be presented only if there are messages in the current folder.)

  • "Press 1 to send a reply."
    NOTE: The sender must have a mailbox on the system to send a reply.
  • "Press 2 to call the person who sent this message."
    The caller ID will be presented, along with the following options:
  • "Press 1 to call this number."
  • Press 2 to enter a different number." Enter a number to call, followed by #.
    NOTE: Caller ID must be present, and this option must be enabled by the system administrator.
  • "Press 3 to hear the message envelope."
    This will play the Caller ID of the call, as well as the time and date that the message was received.
  • "Press 4 for the previous message."
    NOTE: This option will not be presented if the message is the first in the mailbox.
  • "Press 5 to repeat the current message."
    Repeats current message.
  • "Press 6 to play the next message."
    Skip to the next message, taking no action.
  • "Press 7 to (un)delete this message."
    Marks the current message as deleted. This option will skip to the next message if the administrator has enabled such functionality. Otherwise, the menu will be repeated, and the option changed to undelete.
  • "Press 8 to forward the message to another user."
    Enter mailbox of the user to forward to, then:
    • Press 1 to prepend a recording to this message. Record message, followed by #.
    • Press 2 to forward without prepending.
  • "Press 9 to save this message."
    Choose folder to save message to:
    0) new
    1) old
    2) work
    3) family
    4) friends
    # cancels folder change

Press 0 for mailbox options.

  • "Press 1 to record your unavailable message."
    Record message to be played when unavailable, followed by #.
  • "Press 2 to record your busy message."
    Record message to be played when this line is busy, followed by #.
  • "Press 3 to record your name"
    Record the name of the mailbox holder, for playback in the directory or when messages are forwarded/sent to other users.
  • "Press 4 to record your temporary greeting." 
  • "Press 5 to change your password."
  • "Press * to return to the main menu."

Press * for help or # to exit.

For a printable PDF version of these instructions, click here.