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What Is Simulation?

Simulation is a safe place to practice skills, self-reflect, and develop professional communication styles in a psychologically safe environment.

At the RISE Center you will be guided by specially trained simulationists who are experts in debriefing and coaching. The Simulation Specialist understands the stresses simulation may cause some participants so they spend time with you, giving individualized feedback for your benefit. Quality simulation experiences contain 3 key ingredients;

  1. A prepared participant who receives materials ahead of time and feels confident with knowledge
  2. A pre-briefing session, structured orientation to the environment/equipment every time and review of learning objectives
  3. A structured debriefing process with simulation experts where participants gather together in small groups to discuss the essence of the simulation, reviewing key points and share “take-aways”

“We believe that everyone participating in activities at the RISE Center is intelligent, capable, cares about doing their best, and wants to improve”


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