Banner Application Navigator

This is the Banner Application Navigator page (known as AppNav) that Banner system users will typically see when they log in.

The Menu icon is located in the upper left corner of the application. Click on this icon to open/close the Banner Menu (left side of the screen).

  • Click the Search option on the menu bar to search within Banner. You can also use the main Search box in the center of the page.

  • In the Search box, you can enter either the descriptive name of the page or the Banner acronym for the page. If you know the Banner page you want to navigate to, you can click Direct Navigation and enter the Banner page name in the search box (ex. SPAIDEN). Find the desired entry and click / press Enter.

  • The Recently Opened icon is located in menu bar and is displayed with a count of pages after you have opened the first page in an application. Open the list and select a page to access it; you can create Favorites from this menu option by clicking the "star" icon by a Banner page.

  • Online help is available via the “?” icon.

  • Use the Sign Out link when closing the application (instead of just closing your browser) to make sure you are logged out of the application.