Banner Data Display

Required Fields

  • An asterisk (*) displayed next to a field name indicates that the field requires a value before you continue on the page. For fields that have conditional logic that determines whether they are required, the asterisk (*) is not displayed.

  • If you leave a section or a page without entering information in a required field, an appropriate message is displayed.

Sort Order

  • In a grid layout, values for a field can be sorted and, if you have chosen to sort the data, an up or down arrow next to the field name indicates the current sort order for the field.

  • You can click the field label to reverse the sort order.


  • You can either enter the date directly or use the calendar icon for date selection.

  • The date format is mm/dd/yyyy.  


  • The Lookup feature allows you to quickly find a value for a field.

  • The Lookup button (...) next to a field indicates that the field has the Lookup feature.

  • Click the Lookup button (…), enter a filter value, and press Enter to display results that match the filter criteria.

  • Select a value and click OK.